"Taste The Blood" (named as "Battle-1 (Battle Music 1") in the soundtrack) is a song for Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, which is played during fights with lesser demons in missions from 2 to 13. In Mission 1 battle theme is "Dante's Office 7 Hells Battle" and in all remaining ones is "Divine Hate". After obtaining Nevan, Dante plays first three verses of this song on it. Lyrics written and performed by Shootie HG and music is composed by Tetsuya Shibata.


The flinch in your eye calls your bluff
Feel free to die when you've had enough
Useless cause is breaking your back
Your life will end when you attack

Make your move
Make your stand
Make the win
(ha..) Like you can

See the war
See me rule
See the mirror
You'll see a fool

To take me out you must fight like a man
(To take me out you must fight like a man)
You've yet to prove that you can
(You’ve yet to prove me that you can)
I see your might and it compares to something
(I see your might and it compares to something)
That is if something is nothing
(That is if something is nothing)

Time to figure
Time to sin
Your times done
When you begin

Live for suffer
Live for revenge
Now your life
Comes to an end

Taste the blood
Taste your fate
Swallow your pride
With your hate

Your last breath
Your last stance
The last of all
In your command

Knee's in the (blood) with your crying pleas
Wade in your sorrow, bathe in your fear
Clear Your mind from righteousness suffered
Witness the moment of (your) failures prosper


  1. Lyrics are taken from Shootie HG site

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