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Infinite Spin

Teleport Cancel is a technique, exclusive for Vergil in Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, which allows the player to repeat one, two, rarely - three attacks multiple times by cancelling it with Air Trick.


This method of offense is very useful as it is able to reach very high DPS. This is done using Air Trick to cancel the cooldown animation of a given attack and chaining into another attack or combo.


Invincible Slash

Below are listed attacks, which can be potentially canceled and reused in a matter of seconds.


It can be very harsh to say, but some attacks are given special slangs, which specify them, separating from an actual attack.

  • Aerial Rave B - As the final spin is about to finish, teleport to an enemy and repeat. This attack is very useful, as it gradually raises Vergil up, giving him advantage over the immobilized enemy.

    Billion Stab.

  • Rapid Slash - This attack can legitimately make Vergil invincible, as Rapid Slash removes the player's hitbox for the time attacking. This attack quickly raises both Devil Trigger and Concentration meter. With maximum Concentration, this attack demolishes even the toughest enemies.


  • Lunar Phase - The most useful out of all, as it delivers the highest damage over two other weapons, and also can stun-lock even Dante
  • Kick 13 - The most difficult attack to perform, as requires both Button xbone yButton xbone b to be pressed. Not used as much.

Force Edge[]

  • Million Stab- Can be used to endlessly loop the stabbing animation.


The only disadvantage of this ability is the repetition causes the Style meter to stop rising and even fall. However, if at least two of them are used (Aerial Rave B + Lunar Phase), this will negate that.