A wrapper for button images, so that we can change them in one place. Currently supports Xbox One and PS4 inputs (with PC being workable but not terribly pretty). It also supports legacy inputs for Xbox 360 ("360") and PS2 ("ps2") in case those particular ones are required: all such usages are automatically added to Category:Template:Button legacy inputs.

Broken inputs with this template go to Category:Template:Button incorrect inputs. Images for this template (along with some unused ones) can be found at Category:Controller Buttons.

Test row

PS4:B u+B c+B l1+B r2+Incorrect input!+Missing image!+Incorrect input!
Xbox One:Bx b+Bx rt+Bx lb+Bx right+Incorrect input!+Incorrect input!+Bx ls

PS4: PC E key+B d+PC lclick

PS2:B u+B c+B l1+B r2+B select+B start (Unfortunately there is no L3/R3 for this one!)
Xbox 360:Bx b+Bx rt+Bx lb+Bx right+Incorrect input!+Incorrect input!+Bx ls


Although the template supports a bunch of alternate inputs for most of the buttons, the main ones are as thus:


  • {{button|ps4}} =Ps4 Icon
  • {{button|ps3}} =PS3 Icon
  • {{button|ps}} =Button PS Icon
  • {{button|x}} =B x
  • {{button|c}} =B c
  • {{button|t}} =B t
  • {{button|s}} =B s
  • {{button|u}} or {{button|up}} =B u
  • {{button|d}} or {{button|down}} =B d
  • {{button|l}} or {{button|left}} =B l
  • {{button|r}} or {{button|right}} =B r
  • {{button|horizontal}} =Incorrect input!
  • {{button|l1}} =B l1
  • {{button|l2}} =B l2
  • {{button|r1}} =B r1
  • {{button|r2}} =B r2
  • {{button|options}} =Incorrect input!
  • {{button|touch}} =Incorrect input!
  • {{button|rpush}} =Missing image!
  • {{button|lpush}} =Missing image!

Xbox One

  • {{button|xb|xbone}} =XB Icon-01
  • {{button|x|xbone}} =Bx x
  • {{button|a|xbone}} =Bx a
  • {{button|b|xbone}} =Bx b
  • {{button|y|xbone}} =Bx y
  • {{button|u|xbone}} or {{button|up|xbone}} =Bx up
  • {{button|d|xbone}} or {{button|down|xbone}} =Bx down
  • {{button|l|xbone}} or {{button|left|xbone}} =Bx left
  • {{button|r|xbone}} or {{button|right|xbone}} =Bx right
  • {{button|horizontal|xbone}} =Incorrect input!
  • {{button|view|xbone}} =Incorrect input!
  • {{button|pause|xbone}} =Incorrect input!
  • {{button|r1|xbone}} or {{button|rb|xbone}} =Bx rb
  • {{button|r2|xbone}} or {{button|rt|xbone}} =Bx rt
  • {{button|l1|xbone}} or {{button|lb|xbone}} =Bx lb
  • {{button|l2|xbone}} or {{button|lt|xbone}} =Bx lt
  • {{button|rpush|xbone}} =Bx rs
  • {{button|lpush|xbone}} =Bx ls


  • {{Button|e|pc}} = PC E key
  • {{Button|f|pc}} = PC F key
  • {{Button|j|pc}} = PC J key
  • {{Button|l|pc}} = PC L key
  • {{Button|q|pc}} = PC Q key
  • {{Button|u|pc}} or {{button|up|pc}} = B u
  • {{Button|d|pc}} or {{button|down|pc}} = B d
  • {{Button|l|pc}} or {{button|left|pc}} = B l
  • {{Button|r|pc}} or {{button|right|pc}} = B r
  • {{Button|-|pc}} = PC sbar
  • {{Button|*|pc}} = PC lclick
  • {{Button|&|pc}} = PC rclick
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