Use this template on Character, Demon, or Devil Arm Pages.


  • Katakana, Romaji, and Japname refer to the Japanese names of the Demon or Devil Arm in each respective transcription
  • Title refers to a moniker that the demon species might have, such as "Demon Army". Titles should be sourced.
  • Alias refers to a character's aliases. Use only on characters.
  • Species refers to a character's species. Use only on characters.
  • Element refers to any elemental affiliation a demon has. These must be sourced to the game or player's guides, and should not be entered unless the element is a gameplay mechanic.
  • Game# (#: 1 thru 3) refers to all games in which a demon appears. These are also used if the demon is depicted in another type of serial.
  • Role refers to the character's role as a protagonist, antagonist, or ally. Use only on characters.
  • Enva# (#: " " thru 7) refers to the voice actors for a character. Use "Enva#n" to specify the game. This can also be used to list the motion capture actors.
  • Gallery_name refers to the name of the article's associated gallery, if it differs from Name.
  • Fr, De, Es, Pt refer to the titles of this article on the French, German, Spanish, and Porteguese wikis.

How to use this template

code definition description
{{InfoCharacter= Open template Signals the wiki to open this template when the page is loaded
|name= The name of the character, demon, or Devil Arm Places the name at the top of the infobox
|image= The profile image This must be coded as if it was an actual image, for example, [[File:Image Name.pic|###px]]
|t1 tag #1 OPTIONAL: used for articles for which there are more than one suitable profile pictures, such as a character that appears in more than one game. Only use this tag if there are multiple profile pictures
|t#= Tag #(#) OPTIONAL: used only if there are multiple profile images, e.g. a character that appears in DMC and DMC3. The (#) corrosponds to the tag, and will be listed in ascending order, (t1 first, t2 second, etc.)
|image#= Profile image Used in conjunction with the (|t#) tag. Image# will corrospond with the tag of the matching number EXCEPT for |image=, which will automatically associate with |t1=
Japanese symbols
conversion to English alphabet
direct translation
OPTIONAL: used when there is an available Japanese name
|title= Title a demon might have OPTIONAL: Only used for demons, and only if they belong to a certain category, e.g. "Demon Army" for the Seven Hells demons
|alias= Alternate names OPTIONAL: Used for characters with aliases, e.g. "Dark Slayer" for Vergil.
|game#= Games the subject appears in Must be included. Simply write the game after the =, no wiki mark-up tags.
|species= Demon, Human, etc. Used for characters and demons only. Not used for Devil Arms.
|type= lesser demon, weapon, boss, etc. changes the category addition from (Game) characters to (Game) weapons, (Game) lesser demons, etc.
|role= Protagonist or Antagonist Used for characters and demons only.
|enva= English (en) voice actor (va) OPTIONAL: Used if there is a voice actor or motion-capture artist. Simply put the va's name, no wiki mark-up code.
|envan= enva notes (n) OPTIONAL: Only use if |enva= is used. Additional notes about the VA, including references, which specific games the VA was in, etc. Keep it short!
Additional English VA's
notes on additional VA's
OPTIONAL: (#) stands for 2, 3...7. enva2 and enva2n will be associated with one another, as will enva3 and enva3n, etc.
Japanese (ja) voice actors (va)
java notes (n)
OPTIONAL: Same as |enva=, but for the Japanese actors
OPTIONAL: Links to the corosponding page of the non-English wikis.
}}= Close template Tells the wiki to end the template.
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