{{New InfoCharacter
|image              = An image of the character
|caption            = A caption for the image
|title              = The character's title
|alias              = The character's alias, such as Tony Redgrave for Dante
|katakana           = The character's name in katakana
|romaji             = The character's name in romaji
|japname            = The characters name in Japanese
|affiliation        = The character's current affiliations
|former affiliation = The character's past affiliations
|occupation         = The character's current occupations
|former occupation  = The character's past former occupations
|rank               = The character's rank in their group, such as Sanctus being the leader of the Order of the Sword
|species            = The character's species
|status             = Whether the character is deceased or alive
|relations          = The character's relations to other characters
|significant others = The character's significant other, such as Kyrie being Nero's girlfriend
|appearance         = The games the character was present in
|actor              = The voice actor/actress who portrayed the character
|modeled after      = The real person the character was modeled after
|mocap              = The actor/performer who did the motion capture

{{New InfoCharacter
|image              = 
|caption            = 
|title              = 
|alias              = 
|katakana           = 
|romaji             = 
|japname            = 
|affiliation        = 
|former affiliation = 
|occupation         = 
|former occupation  = 
|rank               = 
|species            = 
|status             = 
|relations          = 
|significant others = 
|appearance         = 
|actor              = 
|modeled after      = 
|mocap              = 
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