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The Art of Devil May Cry 5 is a 104-page artbook that comes with the Collector's Edition of Devil May Cry 5. It released on March 8, 2019 alongside the game.


The artbook contains several concept arts and 3D imagery of Devil May Cry 5, some of it not seen in the Devil May Cry 5 Official Art Works artbook nor in-game. Some pages also include notes written by Nico, where she describes or gives her own opinions on the subject of the page. These notes are entirely exclusive to this artbook and are not the same as Nico's files in-game.

Highlights of the book include never-before-seen images of Karlo Baker (Nero), Ariana Diamant (Trish), Owen Hamze (V) and Andrea Tivadar (Lady) during their 3D photoshoot sessions with the character's clothes on. Page 079 of the book includes an image of a Bloody Palace stage, which was only released on April 1st, 2019.

Pages 002 and 102 both include a letter from the developers, the first being signed by Hideaki Itsuno while the latter was signed by "The DMC Crew".

Page 023 shows concept art of Lady where it looks like she has two Kalina Anns on her back, possibly meaning that she at one point was supposed to have both the Kalina Ann and Kalina Ann II.

Nico's Notes[]

Page Topic Nico's Note
003 N/A (introduction) If you're reading this, let's get one rule straight, right now:

I may be lettin' you in the RV, but Don't Touch NOTHIN'.

Not the wheel. Not the fridge. And there's hell to pay if you go anywhere near the jukebox. Look, Nero asked me to let you walkthough the place - don't mean I need to like it. So long as you don't go pokin' too far into our little home, we'll all get along just fine.

Now, you're probablythinking to yourself, "What makes Devil May Cry tick?" Well, it sure ain't sunshine and roses. Nero deals the damage. I fix everything he messes up. Every. Damn. Thing. All the damn time. It's almost as if he lives to screw with my Devil-Breakin' masterpieces!

Morrisson [sic] - that creepy friend of Dante's? - I don't know his deal, but he's got a line on some sweet demon-slaughterin' jobs. Chrissakes, just wish he'd throw some of that business our way! And Dante? I still can't believe that we actually need to save his ass. But I'm gettin' ahead of myself.

Alright, I got things to do. The workbench is in the corner. The couch is over there. You mess anything up, I get first crack at messing you up - before Nero.



009 Nico Yep, that's me - God's gift to gunsmithin'. The queen of machines. But, hey, there's more to me than just slappin' together fancy slugthrowers. When Nero needed a hand - I'm talking literally, here [sic] - I came up with some Devil Breaking bionics to tear demons a new one. Face it hon, the workbench is my church.
012 Nero What's a fella supposed to do when you get your arm ripped off and stolen from you? If it's Nero you're talking about, he'll chase the bastard to the gates of the underworld and fight him, one-handed. Now, mind you, he can fight better'n [sic] three people with just one arm, but the bright side is that it gave me good reason to dream up those fine-ass Devil Breaker attachments.
016 Dante "The proprietor of the original Devil May Cry." "Son of the legendary dark knight Sparda." "Tony Redgrave." Call 'im what ya want, this handsome devil has been trapped in the underworld, tracking down the sumbitch that ripped off Nero's arm. When Dante busts out - and, trust me, it's only a matter of when - I gotta check out Ebony and Ivory, his hand cannons. Been dyin' to see those beauties, up close. Just not on the receivin' end.
019 Trish Trish is Dante's...I guess the word's, "partner?"

Something about her just doesn't sit right. Maybe it's because Trish said Nero was so "inexperienced" when they first tangled. The hell is THAT about?!?! 'Course you won't hear me sayin' that to her face. Mostly because I've seen what she can do in a pinch - nope, definitely not someone to piss off in ya wanna walk straight, afterwards.

021 Lady In my line of work, if someone only wants to go by the name, "Lady", do you don't go pokin' your nose into someone else's business. Take this Devil Huntin' gal, fer instance.

When it comes to slaughterin' hell-beasts, she's prolific. Heck, when I ran a weapons shop back in Fortuna, she was one of my best repeat customers.

025 V Now call me crazy here, but soooomething about that "V" guy weirds me out.Can't quite put my finger on it right about now. I mean, this cat signs up Dante on a road trip to the underworld and calls himself a Demon Hunter. Not sayin' I doubt him. Seems like his ink gives him some crazy powers, least of which is summoning a mouthy demon chicken that I WILL country fry if it back-talks me again.
028 Devil May Cry van You think all of them fancy food trucks got the market cornered on goin' mobile? Hell, Welcome to Devil May Cry, the finest business-on-wheels to grace the streets of Fortuna. It's Nero's office, my workshop and our ass-kicking' home away from home. So long as Nero remembers to keep some change in that bitchin' coat of his, I'm only a phone call away.
031 Weapons (introduction) Ah...NOW we're gettin' to the good stuff! Hey, look, when Nero became a three-quarter Demon Hunter, I was inspired! Chainwhip arms, helter skelter-bladed attackments...a rocket-powered fist you can jump on? Ride 'em, cowboy!

And, yeah, there were some "experiments" as well, like the Pasta Breaker. Way I see it, every once in a while, I gotta screw with Nero to keep him on his toes. After all, ya can't make some kick-ass demon-fightin' gear without breakin' a few eggs. Or losin' an arm.

033 Mega Buster I could say that this inspired piece a' engineerin's good for the Earth because it's solar-powered, but who am I kiddin' here? This badass arm cannon was inspired by one of my FAVORITE games out there - Mega Man! It gives Nero a little space as it launches charges blasts of light - solar goddamned bullets from a distance. It'll punch a hole in steel, crush boulders and wreak havoc on a demon's intestinal tract.
034 Pasta Breaker Look, it was 2am when I cooked this one up. I was hungry, Nero was asleep and it seemed like a hee-larious idea at the time. I won't bore you with the technical details, but he was at least successful in one-handing a big wad of spaghetti.
036 Blue Rose All this gear I've made? They're my babies. Hell yeah, I got favorites - I'm sentimental that way. I s'pose Nero feels the same about Blue Rose. Gotta respect his work on that sassy gal and I've been tuning it up ever since we met. Y'see, before I bolted together replacement parts for Nero's arm, I was mostly in the firearms biz. Truth be told, I was practically born with gun oil for blood. I blame my Gramma - she was doing all this loooong before I ever came along.
050 Green Empusa One thing about these Green Empusa: They are like the underworld's version of goddamned cockroaches! Only difference bein' that these stringy somebitches'd just soon chomp down on your leg. I don't need a sword or a gun - I'd just as soon run these mother suckers over to hear 'em pop.
061 Goliath You know that ol' sayin', "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach?" Yeah, just watch out for the teeth. Now, I ain't squeamish or nothin', but a toothy jaw that goes where some demonic beer belly should be just seems wrong, y'know?
073 Environments (Red Grave City concept art) And here I thought Red Grave City was a crappy place to visit before demons came along and screwed things up for everyone!
077 Environments (Red Grave City concept art) Unsurprisin'ly, it is a HELL of a lot easier to find a parking spot these days for the Devil May Cry mobile office.
102 N/A (end) And don't let the door hit your ass on the way out!