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This article is about the secret activist organization. You may be looking for the Order of the Sword, the religious group in Devil May Cry 4.

The demons have been increasing their power for millennia. They are on the verge on controlling mankind. Citizens, we have been kept sleeping in a manufactured illusion for too long. We must wake up!
Vergil to the media, DmC: Devil May Cry

The Order is an organization in DmC: Devil May Cry that operates from the shadows as a foil to the demonic forces controlling Limbo City.


Led by Vergil, and funded with his amassed fortune and possibly membership donations, The Order seeks to combat the demons by bringing their evil deeds to light, making numerous Anonymous-style videos warning humanity of the invisible hand manipulating them, and taunting the demons outright. Vergil acts as the mouthpiece during these videos, wearing a mask like the one in The Order's logo, and with a distorted voice.

As things come to a boiling point, The Order seeks out Dante to take their battle against the demons from the airwaves and into the streets, openly sabotaging demon-controlled facilities like the Virility factory, and Devil's Dalliance. No one else in The Order is known to actively fight the demons, as Vergil's existence is unknown to Mundus, and all other members are humans. The Order enlists Dante as he is both already known to be aggressive towards demons due to his traumatic youth, and because he (like Vergil, who wished to remain hidden) is Nephilim, the only being capable of truly killing a demon king/emperor like Mundus.



Concept art of The Order.

While led by Vergil and having recently recruited Dante, no other members are currently known other than Kat. Although artwork for Vergil and his group show many followers of different ages.

People who count themselves among The Order's ranks wear black business suits as well as a blue mask with a toothy grin to hide their identity.


Anonymous logo

Anonymous' logo.

The Order bears some similarities to the character "V" from V for Vendetta, as well as the hacktivist group Anonymous that styles themselves after him. Not only is the Order also a hacktivist group, but their use of a smiling mask and a computer-distorted voice in their pronouncements mimics that of Anonymous. Furthermore, both groups have logos with a globe and leafwork design.