• A new wordmark image for the wiki, I thought perhaps the wiki could benefit from having a clear background variation of what's already there, with the text made to match the text of the logo.

    Was made with the combined efforts of Omniance and myself. But since I'm not an admin, I can not upload it.

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    • "Wiki" shouldn't overlap with Dante. It should be more centered with the franchise name.

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    • Alrighty, ill make an adjustment too it. I figured that since the Wiki Wordmark has to be 250×65px in resolution, I didnt want to make the image any taller, as it'd shrink down the logo even more than it already is. I thought that since there is still plenty of more room in terms of width, we put the word "Wiki" off to the side, so as to not shrink the logo down any more than we have to already.

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    • New Wiki-wordmark2
      Newer version, words under it instead of next too it like you asked. Omniance was even able to style the word "Wiki" the same as the rest of the text of the logo.
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    • A FANDOM user
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