• to the person who tried leaving me a message on my Talk page, it wont load. It directs me straight to my message wall.

    if you need to tell me somehting, please post it here.

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    • IE sucks

      Can't post this on your message wall because the IE browser I'm able to use on this computer can't handle the "post" button, but:

      Do you have a computer with HDMI capability, and a copy of the game? It would produce better images to route the HDMI cord from your Xbox into the computer, and take a screenshot on your computer, than to crop screenshots secondhand from youtube; it would also eliminate the need to contact the youtube video provider for permission to use the screenshot.(ಠ_ೃ) Bully! 21:42, May 6, 2015 (UTC)

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    • Is it really necessery to ask the Youtube for permission? The video technically isn't their content, at least, when it comes to cutscenes

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    • @KrytenKoro: Still wouldn't load the talk page, its really weird. And I don't own an Xbox console; i am strictly a Sony and Nintendo kind of guy, I own the PS3 version of the HD collection. Also, I would do that, however my computer screen lacks an HDMI port. Had I known about this sort of thing, I would have taken the screenshot of the gallery picture my self.

      And as LegionZero said, there is really no need to "ask" permission to use screen caps from youtube videos. Not to mention the video I got those images from, the uploader has been inactive for half a year. It would be pointless to ask them permission as they likely wont be getting back to their account for some time.

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    • See, that's the thing.

      Yeah, legally and ethically, we really do have to ask for permission. If you mean "in a practical sense", sure, we can probably skate along for awhile without it, but it's pretty unethical bro.


      Does your computer have RWY or RGB ports, then? If not, it should at least have a VGA port, and adaptors are around 10$. Any form of direct screenshotting, even if it's not HD, is going to look better than screenshotting a youtube video.

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    • I'll see what I can do, I don't know if my computer was made for this sort of thing.

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    • A FANDOM user
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