• OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! (thinks about my contributions as I scream in joy) THANK YOU ALL IM HONORED I promise to be careful and try to improve my work. I promise to not disappoint ya.

    Also Im got a few games so I learned more on them and other stuff. but yeah I try. but I dont want take all the glory Im not into pride that much. but still Im trying to add my knowledge on appearance so yeah. but still wow.

    Also I just noticed appearances were missing, guess they were too complicated to think of how to describe IDK.

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    • I do appreciate your attempts at explaining their appearences, however, somme are very hard to explain and we have photos. I reworded the descriptions of some but the ones that were too long/overly complex were deleted. The pictures work the best in those occasions.

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    • yeah sorry about that, I'm gonna have to learn new words and see if Im missing something. I do have a lack of knowledge at the moment. the worse thing is that I have Aspergers and short term memory, so those are restricting my learning process. anyways I do have a phone, but Im still trying to figure out what angles and length I need to get photos right. anyways thanks help is all I needed. and Im not very good at proofreading. so live and learn they always say. hehe yeah.

      ohh and before I go, I think you'll like my artwork I did last year in art class. tell me what ya think of it?

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