• It's been a while since you've edited something on this wiki, 2013 If I recall correctly. It's good to see that you're back even while making a small chances on your profile and I hope that you will play Devil May Cry V. Of course I hope that you will enjoy it as well... After all one of our (mine and yours) favorite character is coming back ;)

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    • Hey yo! I'm surprised I was actually greeted by someone hahaha. If I'm not wrong, we've never met right?

      And yeah, back because of DMCV XD. Also, been playing the eff out of DMC HD Collection since I got it from Steam on my PC.

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    • We kinda did, we kinda didnt.

      Back then I was just a user without name nor avatar that sometimes commented something on this wiki and never edited anything due to the fear associated with my poor English abilities. Tho I've gotten better and made a real account. I think I've responded to only one of your comments and said something in a few blogs you've interacted as well.

      As for DMC V, what's your opinion about Nelo Angelos being a common enemy now?

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    • I've remembered you due to your Bleach nickname. 

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    • Right that "Nelo Angelo" haha. Well to me, I think it's not THE Nelo Angelo anymore, more like a shell of its former self. I did read up on some fan theories about how the Angelos (Cavaliere)  in DMC5 could absorb a powerful being i.e. Trish to power them up, meaning that might have been what happened to Vergil in the first DMC. But.... I don't think that's the case, and it's just Cavaliere Angelo's ability.

      The dev team probably brought it back as a means of recurring enemies like Frosts and Blades/Assaults in DMC4. From the gameplay video, it doesn't look very powerful. A shame really. Maybe a miniboss? Or maybe just a weak mob XD

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    • I like to think that the current Nelo Angelos (the generals of the smaller units) are weaker than what Vergil was as Nelo Angelo. Tho they seem to be capable of taking a lot of blows from Dante. If it will be stated that they're as strong as Vergil was back then, then I'll simply assume that our heroes simply got way stronger in these 10-20 years.

      I belive that Vergil has gotten stronger than he was in DMC 1, because let's face it... He's in DMC V.

      I also belive that Vergil (when he'll come back as a boss) will use a new DT that is a mix of his DMC 3 one and Nelo Angelo. 

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    • Wait before I talk more about this, have you seen all the leaks on DMCV? Cuz I don't wanna spoil you if you haven't XD

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    • I've seen everything but I dont think it's a good thing to write on wiki about it, since you know. Someone can accidentally read it.....  We could use:

      Live! Chat

      No one is using it either way. On the right side of this wiki.

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