• Sup Jay!

    Ive been going through characters and weapons infoboxes and I have hit a few snags. Infoweapon does not allow for more than 5 appearance entries and New InfoCharacter puts familial information under "Professional Data"

    I also noticed that in general we have 3 types of character infoboxes. We should condense it down to the one that we want to be used. If its not too much trouble, can you put the rounded edges that we have on infocharacter 2?

    For the final infobox we use, the "appearance" section in the code should be removed since we use "game1" etc etc.

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      Update: Fixed the appearance entry. i just added a game6 to the infobox CSS

      Update 2: Putting a link in the "Type" field and using Superscript breaks the the game fields. any workaround for this one??

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    • I'll get to work on trying to round out the edges on New_InfoCharacter. I actually don't know how to do it with current wikia css but I'll give it a go. I manage to get this far anyway.

      Concerning the appearance portion, we should actually keep it. The appearance portion allows us to not always have to update it whenever a new game comes out. Also, Devil May Cry does have a anime, comic books, etc. And new ones can always come out. It makes no sense IMO for infoboxes to detail exclusively game content when we do have books ranging from non-canon to fully canon (with semi-canon in between).  For weapon pages, I can see why detailing only the games where it makes a usable appearance is revelant but for characters, not so much.

      The reason it breaks the game fields (if i replicated your problem correctly, it happens in the appearance section) is because of the auto-categorization. Not only does the appearance section use "game (insert number 1-5)" parameters for it but also the "type" (For special class of weapns like Devil Arm) parameter for categorization.

      I don't know a workaround for it. If there is, it's probably very complicated but this actually helps push forth my argument: the "Game1" makes for easy editing but if you wanted to include a super-script, a template for whatever reason (On some wiki, a special icon or tempate might be used), or even a'll break the script. When I made the re-tweaked infoboxes, I purposely re-designed it to simplify it's making and rid of infoboxes doing automatic categorization cause I know it may cause problems when you want to do something a little different with the box to emphansize something in a article whatever it may be.

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    • Also, If the convenice of auto-categorization is a problem, I actually have a solution for it. There's a application on windows that allows for changing categories and specific phrases. I use it all the time on my home wiki since I had to re-evaluate how we address certain attacks and moves.

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    • Also, the Title field no longer works for InfoWeapon. Not sure if it doesnt work in New InfoCharacter

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    • LegionZero wrote: Also, the Title field no longer works for InfoWeapon. Not sure if it doesnt work in New InfoCharacter

      It's because that parameter doesn't exist within that infobox. The infoboxes have different parameters, so when switching them, you should make sure no information is lost or messed up.

      Jay, it would be easier to remove the auto-categorization and just add them into articles manually. Would be able to avoid issues like this that way.

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    • Title exists in both but not in the context I thought it was. I think Portable Infoboxes changed what that field does. We need it though for certain weapons and characters

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    • Alright Jay,

      For InfoWeapon, i figured out how to do the rounded edges and how to get weapon titles/alternate names and stuff to show up properly. Im not sure what code does the auto-catagorizations, could you remove those parts of the code?

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