• Rebellions infobox is tweaking pretty when it comes to the appearances section. Got a solution??

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    • Fixed. You can't put a link in the type field or it breaks. Not sure of a way to do so without it shitting the bed (or making a change that messes with every article using that infobox leaving us more work). Could just hide that section and add another for the link.

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    • I see. Thanks.

      Its probably a CSS glitch. I hit up Jay to see if he can fix that. Superscript breaks it too. There might be a workaround in which we use the Appearances field instead of game1, game2, etc etc

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    • I imagine adding anything besides the game names would break it. The way the infobox pulls a category is through the type parameter. When you try to add the link brackets, it pulls those as well. That's what causes the break, no glitch. It's random bits of code mixing with other random bits of code.

      I think it'd be a good idea to just drop the category-pulling altogether and just add them manually.

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