• For some whenever I play DMC or DMC 3 when using legendary dark knight mode in DMC I feel stronger  

    Same with DMC 3 wheneder I use sparda reskin or DMC  Dante coat or coatless I feel stronger which is weird since there is no power difference... Just a re-skin...

    I mean playing. Normal costume I feel well normal but with the other costumes regardless of super mode I feel godlike most likely just me but had to mention it have a nice day anfeel free to reply your experience!!!!!!

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    • To be honest. I feel the same while using DMC 1 Dante skin or Sparda skin...
      I guess its just comes out of our experience. We've learned the entire game as Young Dante and by switching to older Dante/Sparda, we simply compare ourselfs to how we performed at the start of our journey.

      That or simply... we simply have a bigger motivation. Everytime that I'll take Sparda skin, I'll simply do my best to give the best results.

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    • We know that DMC1 Dante is stronger than his counterpart in 3, maybe that's why you got this feeling

      For example, in 2 and 4 I feel invincible using Dante

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    • A FANDOM user
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