• Yo guys, feeling motivated ?

    So, about Dante's age, yeah, Before the Nightmare novel gave us some new hints, along with Patty being 18 in DMC5

    So, Dante's age is like:

    - 18 Years in the manga (10 years after he lost her mother)

    - 19 in DMC3 (One year after)

    - 28 in DMC1 (Stated by Kamiya)

    - 29~~37 during Anime, Novel Vol 2 and DMC2

    - 37~~39 during DMC4 (Stated to be "almost 40")

    Aaaaaand Before the Nightmare states that DMC5 is four~~five years after DMC4, so Dante is, basically:

    - 41~~44 during DMC5, which makes sense by his look

    And since Patty was around 8 in the anime, in the anime he would be 32~~34, which also makes sense

    Also, in the new novel Dante says that he is unsure about his aging process and asks himself if being half human changes something

    So, what you guys think ?

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    • Pretty spot on 

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    • This is backed up by DMC4:SE too. Virgil's appearance in that game is the same as in three, and the opening it says that his exploits took place a few decades before the main game. Assuming "a few" means 2, because 3 decades would make Virgil 9 at the time, then we have DMC4 20 years after 3, making Dante 39 at the time. Jackpot.

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    • Before the Nightmare's prologue is 5 years after 4. Nicos(?) Says a year had passed since she met Nero and he lost his arm in that same chapter. So DMC5 is 6 years after 4

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