• Sir, could I ask you a favour? Nero's aliases are not appearing in his infobox. Like this:

    {{New InfoCharacter
    |image              = <gallery>
    Nero DMC5.png|DMC5
    Nero (Model) DMC4.png|DMC4
    |caption            = 
    |title1             = {{Translation|The Young Devil Hunter|若きデビルハンター|Wakaki Debiru Hantā}}<sup><ref>[ Devil May Cry 5 Official Nero Character Page]</ref></sup>
    |title2             = {{Translation|The Devil Hunter|凄腕のデビルハンター|Sugoude no Debiru Hantā|lit. "The Remarkable Devil Hunter"}}<sup><ref>[[:File:カプコンTV!東京ゲームショウ2018<9 22>特番|TGS 2018 - Sep 22, 2018 Livestream]]</ref></sup>
    |alias1             = N<ref>''[[Devil May Cry 5: Before the Nightmare]]''</ref>
    |alias2             = {{Translation|Sparda's kin|スパーダの血族|Supāda no Ketsuzoku}}
    |katakana           = ネロ
    |romaji             = 
    |japname            = 
    |affiliation        = [[Devil May Cry (shop)|Devil May Cry]]
    |former affiliation = [[Order of the Sword]]
    |occupation         = [[Devil Hunter]]
    |former occupation  = Holy Knight
    |rank               = 
    |species            = [[Demon#Hybrids|Hybrid]]
    |status             = Alive
    |relations          = [[Vergil]] <sup>(Father)<ref name="Nero Relation">''[[Devil May Cry: 3142 Graphic Arts|3142 Graphic Arts]]'' ([[:File:Nero Vergil Relation Confirmation.jpg|Click here to see.]]) (Pg. 92)</ref></sup><br />[[Dante]] <sup>(Uncle)</sup><br />[[Sparda]] <sup>(Grandfather; Deceased)</sup><br />[[Eva]] <sup>(Grandmother; Deceased)</sup>
    |significant others = [[Kyrie]] <sup>(Love interest)</sup>
    |game1              = [[Devil May Cry 4]] <sup>([[Devil May Cry 4 Refrain|R]] • [[Devil May Cry 4#Special Edition|SE]])</sup>
    |game2              = [[Devil May Cry 5: Before the Nightmare]]
    |game3              = [[Devil May Cry 5 – Visions of V –]]
    |game4              = [[Devil May Cry 5]]
    |actor1             = [[Johnny Yong Bosch]] <sup>(English; ''DMC4'', ''DMC5'')</sup>
    |actor2             = [[Kaito Ishikawa]] <sup>(Japanese; ''DMC4SE'', ''DMC5'', ''Seven Knights'')</sup>
    |modeled after      = [[Karlo Baker]] <sup>(''DMC5'')<ref>[ "🗣 Face of #Nero in #devilmaycry5" - karlobaker on Instagram]</ref></sup>
    |mocap              = Johnny Yong Bosch <sup>(''DMC4'', ''DMC5'')</sup>

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    • Normally, they should be work on the templates.

      |alias1             = N<ref>''[[Devil May Cry 5: Before the Nightmare]]''</ref>
      |alias2             = {{Translation|Sparda's kin|スパーダの血族|Supāda no Ketsuzoku}}

      |alias1 = N[1]
      |alias2 = Sparda's kin (スパーダの血族, Supāda no Ketsuzoku?)

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    • Looks like he broke something. I tried to edit Dante's infobox, which is currently working but using the single alias field, and it stopped appearing once I corrected the name of the field to alias1.

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    • Fila, what about the actors? I tried to add actor1 to actor6 on King Cerberus page, but it didn't work either.

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    • The infobox code is too dense for me to try figure out now, and besides Legion seems to have it as his responsibility for now. If this is left unattended for too long, I'll attempt to figure this out, but not right now.

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    • Well.. guess we've got no choice but to wait, haven't we?

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    • kkk looks like ive fixed it

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    • A FANDOM user
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