• Very evocative of DMC5

    I have one issue though, the text in the infoboxes is kind of hard to read. i.e. Appearances/status/title etc etc. is there another font that is clearer?

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    • If the issue is color, there are three that are used there. Pure white for headers, a light grey for normal text, and the site-wide link color for the links (currently a blazing teal).

      If the issue is font size that can also be adjusted.

      And bleh, this site uses too much red, I need to go through all this and change it to teal...

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    • I think the problem is the font itself. In typography there is a term called ligature and it means that 2 characters are too close and actually overlap in a way that makes them appear as one character. Right now it is happening with "fi", "Al". The feet on the "n" and "m" are so close that they just become squares with lines(at least on my computer they arent very clear unless i have a 140% zoom).

      There is actually a lot of type problems with the font currently used. Can you change it to match the font of everything else? Or send me the link to the page so i can tweak it? Honestly the font used for the infobox parameters looks ancient, especially next to the other ones we are using.

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    • I use Times New Roman for the headers. Wanted to give some distinction to the headers, but I can remove that rule.

      Data values use the same font as the rest of the site, far as I can tell.

      And it's here, MediaWiki:Themes.css.

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    • Sweet. Is there anywhere i can look up a list of available fonts?

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    • Not sure about that, sorry.

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    • Among fonts I've so far seen on this site, I saw Helvetica (default), Verdana, Times New Roman (my own addition tho), and I think Tahoma in navboxes.

      Fonts can be imported - Warframe wiki did it for Roboto - but you'd have to point me to a font you want here first, obviously.

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