• Yo.

    Been a while since I've talked to you. Ironically, judging by your contributions trail, you ceased to be active less than a month before DMC5 came out - and basically one month before I more or less returned here.

    Anyway, I've been digging code - you can instantly notice by the fact the site looks different than even a week ago that I have - and I saw some code involving .WikiHeader in MediaWiki:Wikia.css. Going through revision history, that was yours. What was that all about?

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    • Nice detective work xD. Yeah, that was the same week i got promoted so ive been involved with my work since and I probably missed your messages. In general, I've been less into my wikia work until las week or so. I was going to come back to this wiki once I finally get DMC5 but issues has been delaying it.

      Anyway, I'm not completely sure about what you're referring to. It might be the coding necessary for inserting a picture on the header where the "Fanchise", "Universe" "Gameplay", etc. tabs are. For a comparison, another wiki I edit, the Prince of Persia Wiki, has that as well.

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    • You do that through Special:ThemeDesigner, not through direct CSS edits.

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