• I am guessing that text-align:left didn't work out for you either.

    Looks like I made it align to center for a reason after all, eh?

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    • I found that getting rid of the text-align parameter will actually make the text left align. Problem is i couldnt figure out which one to change. The naveboxes look really bad with the group box off to the side but all the contents still centered.

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    • Thing is, for a lot of navboxes text-align:left makes it look even worse. (And even *more worse* if you use scripts to remove the right rail, and the article takes the whole width of the main canvas than the itty-bitty space it usually has.)

      I don't really know how to deal with this right now. Group headers to the left is the way to go - the way they were to the center previously is a very inefficient use of space. But yes, there are some issues with figuring out how to align the text so it would look the prettiest.

      Eh, I will figure this out eventually.

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