• Seems like he forgot all about her as if she wasn't really that important to him. I see a lot of people claiming that Vergil MUST have loved her... I'm not so sure about it tbh. Maybe I'm just dumb for thinking this but I don't think Vergil really cared about her it seems. I'm not disappointed in that if he didn't care about her. But even Dan says that she'd have to be siginificant to Vergil... can't tell whether that's just his own opinion/input on that or if he knows something because everyone takes what he said to heart and act like it's canon or something.... others want her to be important in DMC6. I honestly don't really see her being THAT important in DMC6 (personally speaking) but I do wish that things were at least explained. Then again I could come up with reasons as to why Vergil forgot about her. But it seems like he easily remembers his own mother (which makes sense why he would) but not his own lover? I don't know it seemed odd to me. Maybe Vergil was just too focused on his fight with Dante or perhaps he couldn't constrate on anything at that moment. It's odd that V didn't immediately assume that Nero was his son but everyone says that he (Vergil or even V) assumed he was Dante's son. But if he knew he even had a child of his own you'd think he'd find out a lot sooner or something like idk. 

    Anyways I saw Legion and someone else on here talk about this and I honestly agree with Legion when he said that she was probably so unremarkable that Vergil couldn't be bothered to even remember her until Dante said "You can't remember through that thick skull of yours?" and Vergil's response was "Well well, that was a long time ago". Then again a lot of things could be assumed by that line I suppose but it just felt like in the end.. he didn't care. I think that Nero's mom being a prostitute has been debunked from comments that I have read so there's goes that theory. A lot of people want her to be very important to Vergil... but am I the only who doesn't see that happening? I mean if happens though.. then so be it I guess. Just feels like she's kinda irrelevant. I don't know..

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    • Not sure if I did this right. Please don't blame me too harshly if I did it wrong hopefully I posted this correctly. Also, I meant the word "concentrate" for Vergil. I don't know how to edit that...and it's also weird how V never hinted at his lover if she were that important but maybe his own manga might explain or they are just doing it for DMC6 but meh.. I would rather have it be explained rather than for them to leave it in the dark for a few years...

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    • Vergil is defined by a fear of loss, he probably originally intended to return to her when he was powerful enough to protect her, but over time, acquiring more power became his goal rather than the means by which he'd achieve it. That's what separates him from Nero, Nero also seeks power but he never abandoned the people he loves in pursuit of it.

      The loss of his mother is Vergil's whole reason for doing what he does: he never wants to be weak again.

      V has no reason to ever bring up something that far in Vergil's past, particularly since he never brings up Nero's ancestry in the first place. Plus even if he's the human aspect of Vergil and did once love her, that's still going to be a very distant memory and probably not strike him as particularly important compared to the guilt of all the people Vergil has killed and is currently killing.

      Also, the post edit is in the little "more" drop-down in the lower right below your post.

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    • Vergil didnt forget her. After finding out Nero was his son he basically had laser guided memory of her. Vergil hadnt considered the possibility of Nero being his son. V constantly calls him "that child", even when talking to Dante about him, so i dont think he believed Nero to be directly related to Dante or himself. Since Sparda was the Lord of Fortuna in feudal times, it wouldnt be much of a stretch to believe that a descendent of Sparda was there.

      Maybe Vergil used a condom and was part of that unlucky 2% failure rate. Vergil doesnt seem like one to be so reckless as to not take precautions.

      As for Vergil caring about Nero's mama, i dont think he did. If he did, it was very little. She could have very easily been a fling. Maybe she had a few characteristics that Vergil found attractive but he never formed a real emotional bond. He wasn't in Fortuna very long so its unlikely that he was in love with her. I wouldnt be surprised if she persued him and he just rolled with it. He was also willing to leave open the biggest Hellgate for all of demonkind to walk through, then he willingly trapped himself in Hell.

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    • Vergil didn't forget. He instantly remembered what Dante must mean once it was brought up. He didn't have a reason to remember.

      As to why he didn't have a reason to remember... There are many possible ways to resolve that one. Could've been a real romance but with no consequence to the present, could've been a fake romance, could've been a prostitute... I even saw one fun theory where having sex was a requirement of some magic ritual, and a kid was unintended result of that lol.

      I'll use Dan's interpretation as a starting point (if only because I predicted exactly the thing he said a few months before I heard it) and explain my own favorite theory on this.

      It was a real thing. I just can't see it any other way: Vergil is a type to take everything he does very seriously, and commit 100% into it. It wasn't just a prostitute hired for the hell of it, or a fleeting crush.

      What I imagine could've happened is... love at first/second/third sight isn't very common IRL, but it does happen. And if someone like Vergil took an instant interest in a woman, she must've been something very special, something about the character of that woman rather than just appearance. I find it very likely if the woman was in some sense similar to Vergil's own character, but that can be played with.

      So although it wasn't a long romance (could've easily been only a couple of months), it was very, very real, and progressed very, very quickly. But then he had to leave. Could be several reasons, really:

      • He had his own quest to finish already, and didn't have the luxury of bogging himself down with relationships.
      • He had his own quest to finish, and, in fact, this short romance reminded him exactly why he was on it. "And without strength, you cannot protect anything. Let alone ones you love." (<--as Dan said on a convention)
      • He had his own quest to finish, and he realized he is becoming too human. Probably the most likely outcome the devs will use if they went with this theory of mine, given his character interpretation at that point in timeline.
      • Something might've happened on the woman's side too, ya know.

      Regardless of what exactly happened, the relationship was done and over with. It was important to Vergil at a time, and very likely it's still a memory he cherishes, it just had no consequence to the present... until that consequence came in and kicked his deadbeat dad ass.

      Brb need to replay M20 again

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    • Huh... do you think Vergil moved on then since it was such a long time ago? (and by that I mean I'm not saying he forgot her we're already pass that and I'm not saying he still doesn't love her or anything) I imagine maybe the mother moved on as well or something or she might have ended up dead somehow. So Legion could also be wrong then. 

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    • In the case of my theory, makes sense the mother is dead. Maybe she tried to find Vergil and ended up dead? At any rate, it would explain why Nero grew up an orphan: even if the mother just "moved on" from Vergil, she'd still raise the kid if she was alive, I'd imagine.

      But this is really the foggiest part of this whole thing: there could've been other reasons why she would've left Nero at the orphanage and yet still be alive somehow, but we know exactly zero about how she was like. I can make up a convincing fiction here, but I will be building it upon speculation based of speculations, tbh, so I am not going to go much into this all unless you ask me.

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    • I mean if she is still alive why wouldn't she move on from him? It's been over 20 years and maybe she found someone else in her love life maybe at the time she felt as if she couldn't raise Nero so she left him and moved on with her life not say she hates Nero or anything either. I'm also saying this afterwards that she would move on... after she gave up Nero. She probably thought he deserved a better life or something. Idk I'm just guessing on that one. And no that's fine I don't want to discuss it any further than this tbh. haha Also, I could correct you on the "And without strength, you can not protect anything, let alone the ones you love"... Vergil didn't actually say that... he said "let alone yourself" at the end there. But I guess it's not a big correction on that and I get what you and Dan mean. 

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    • I know it's not the line from the game. But the part that was stricken out is how Dan said it one convention. I thought it was fitting.

      > She probably thought he deserved a better life or something.

      Leaving someone at the orphanage is almost always a worse idea than raising the kid yourself, so idk about that.

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    • I will go with the theory that she died then. I thought maybe she got depressed after Vergil left her. Or maybe she felt unfit to take care of Nero. Though I suppose it'd still be a bit silly to just leave him at an orphanage. I'm just going to go with that she left Nero there because maybe she knew she was going to be killed. It's almost certain to assume something happened to her then as to why she left Nero there and felt she couldn't take care of him. Her ending up dying makes the most sense. Now, I wonder if Vergil ever found out about it.

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    • Anyways I don't really want to talk about it any further from this. As I am a bit depressed I hope you understand ;; just not feeling like I'm in the mood to talk about it further. 

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    • BurittaKitty wrote:
      But even Dan says that she'd have to be siginificant to Vergil

      Also, I'd assume Dan said that primarily to put the kibosh on any theories that Vergil raped someone. Because, you know, the internet.

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    • Evil Tim wrote: Also, I'd assume Dan said that primarily to put the kibosh on any theories that Vergil raped someone. Because, you know, the internet.

      Have you actually listened to that stream?

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    • Yeah, just gave it a listen.

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    • He didn't sound to me like putting it out there just to stop such headcanons from taking place. He honestly seemed to think that way. As the person who brings the character to life, Dan obviously thought a lot about what Vergil must think: and what he said on the stream sounded like a logical result of what headcanons he has about him.

      I won't argue that Dan could've possibly considered it a good side-result, though... provided he actually cares about what Internet thinks that much.

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    • Eh, if he didn't care what the internet thinks he wouldn't have done the interview, no? :)

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    • I know this is late reply, but I think they separated on bad term. Vergil perhaps did love her, but did not understand his feeling that time and his wish for power blinded him. So they had a huge (and probably literal) fight.Vergil won and left Fortuna. Both didin't know about Nero until several days passed.

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    • It implies he just hooked up with some girl as a teenager. He may have loved her in some capacity, but not as the English dub protrays. The japanese dub eludes that it was just a time of him having some fun so she's not really significant

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    • The dub doesnt imply much of anything, just that he forgot because it happened so long ago.

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    • The theory of the prostitute seems least likely to me. Makes little sense that someone like Vergil, who looks down on humans and despises his own humanity, would lay down with a woman who sells her own body for a living. That seems like the type of human he would detest the most. Besides, given that Fortuna is a segregated religious community, I find it rather unlikely that prostitution is even a thing there. Whatever the case, I think Vergil didn't particularly care about her either, but she must have been something more than a random girl that he took casual interest in just because he "was young once too" as Dante put it. There must be something more to her and I wouldn't be surprised if they expand on that down the line. It can't be a coincidence that they haven't revealed much about her yet. Perhaps Nero's own powers could be hinting something about her, given that Vergil himself could not understand what form of power Nero was using.

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