• Anybody have ideas about a DMC6?

    - Nero in need of a rival?

    - Kyrie character development to assist the DMC crew

    - Dante to gain a new love interest instead of Lucia?

    - Vergil to earn his own Devil Sword plus knowing Nero's mother?

    - Bio-Technology to be introduced in the DMC world?

    - New characters to introduce?

    - The next villian (antagonist)?

    - The story to introduce while Nero is looking after the Human World?

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    • Alright so i had an idea for how the story could go on, its not that fleshed out yet but pls bear with it. So the story continues with dante and vergil in the demon world, they still enjoy their vacation when they get attacked by mundus (for those who are wondering he didnt die at the end of devil may cry he got sealed away promising to return and rule the world) stronger then ever he beats both of them ( he got alot stronger and for some reason cant even be hurt) but doesnt kill them yet, he knows of nero, lady, trish and co and wants to kill them  to make them both suffer as much as possible. Dante and Vergil find out that mundus escaped the seal by switching places with a demon as powerfull as him, worse mundus made the sealed demon his "horcrux" meaning as long as the demon is alife mundus cant be scratched. They decide to split up dante hunts down the sealed demon and vergil goes after mundus since with the yamato he can easily go back to the human world. So while dante finds the demon he summons and absorbs all of his devil arms to get strong enough to beat the demon. However it doesnt increase his power yet. Dante first has to give the demons of the devil arms their name back that sparda took with the yamato (in the manga for dmc 3 there is a part where vergil has to re name 7 demons who lost their original name because of sparda. The importand part is a explanation of how the name of a demon is even more importand then the physical form because a names brings them closer to their true nature). So first of wich demons are we talking about, the only ones that realy work are the ones from dmc 3 because : 1 dante gained the respect of all the demons wich makes them closer to him (also they where the first devil arms he canonicly had) 2 we never saw the forms of ifrit and alastor (dmc1) and balrog (dmc5) but they could still work, i wont count cerberus and king cerberus as different since the former got destroyed and the later took its place and finaly all other devil arms are not sentiend they are special weapons made from demonic steel and named after demons or are just straight up weapons. They can still be used to power up as in reinforce his devil sword giving it a cooler look or could give his DT a more armory look (since spardas devil form looked like it had a elegant armor). Anyway back to the story at hand. The next few levels are each focused on one demon where dante has to learn of their true nature and maybe backstory, giving the demons more of a character and by that showing more of how it came to spardas betrayel and how close they where before (maybe sparda sealed the demons in the tower because he couldnt bring himself to kill his old friends, it be interessting to see how the demons reacted imediatly after the betrayel, beowulf for examp,e openly said he hates sparda for that and fought dante and vergil because they smelled like him. However he became a devil arm wich makes me believe that deep dow beowulf still respected sparda and dante and vergil aswell. At the end of each level dante didnt find the old name but through rebellions ability he replaces the old name with a new one (giving rebelion more of a ability and the reason dante can do it just now is because he learned of their true nature). After naming them they become more powerful and fight with dante once more to test their new power and see if he is still worthy and it keeps the formula of the old games by him getting upgraded devil arms at the end. After all the demons are done he faces the sealed demon defeating him and making mundus beatable. The game switches over to vergils story (or switches between his and dante back and forth) where he just arived in the human world he searches for nero and the crew to help them and warn them about mundus being unbeatable. Togetherb hey fight through the demon hords and help humans. Throughout all that vergil and nero get father and son time, since they have alot to work through. At the end they both fight against mundus but at that point he still cant be damaged and through the fight nero gets badly wounded because he saves vergil from an attack. At that moment dante finishes the other demon. But vergil getting realy pissed by presumingly loosing his son awakens a new ability to heal saving nero and together they beat mundus for good. Vergil finaly learning that love and compassion are the ultimate power. The ending has vergil living with his son in the human world. For dantes ending i thought it would be nice for him to stay in the demon world, let me explain why: throughout dmc 1 dante learned that not all demons are bad, for example he respected griffin for his loyalty and fellt sad about how he ended and of course there is trish. But we never see many good demons in the games. But through his stay in the demon world  and his journey for the true nature of the devil arms he learns that alot of the problem is strong powerhungry demons who opress the smaller demons and use them as fodder and a constant powerstruggle. The demon world neets a leader who realy helps them. And that leader will obviously be dante. He is the new demon king and the devil amr demons are his generals helping in bettering the demon world. Trish and lady could also join him in the demon world they are strong and would represent his humanity and if no demons attack humans they dont have a job so why not stay in the demon world. Thematicly it would be a nice end aswell since both dante and vergil changed position, dante on his demon side and vergil on his human side. For a bonus modus they could make like a boss rush where you play as either vergil or nero sparring against dante and his generals. You could even choose how powerfull dante is at the end. For example you can fight directly against dante but then he is at his weakest, the more generals you fight and beat before dante the harder he gets. More moves maybe summens them for short combo attacks and to make it extra hard you have to do it on one health bar no recovery aside from DT. You win once you beat dante . t would be a fun mode i think. 

      But anyway thats all i have so far . Itd not perfect and i doubt i could realy explain my vision but thanks alot fro reading through all of this. Let me knwo what you think of it and how it could all be improved/expanded. 

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    • Hi me again just wanted to ad something to my post. I realise that its pretty raw in its explanaiton, like i said story isnt fleshed out yet and i didnt want to make it to long either but at the same time felt i needed to explain some of my descisions. Vut i can go further into detail in so aspects. Wont do it now im tipping all on a tablet so it already took ages for my first post but if questions arise or someone wants more details on certain things just let me know i will expand 

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    • Wow... could you maybe break that up into paragraphs?

      Personal gripes:

      • Return of Mundus. The series needs to stop rehashing old villains. DMC5 had Vergil as tha main bad guy and it was obvious that they didnt have much to delve into. The last act of the game was so shallow.
      Honestly, the roles sould be reversed for Mundus and your main Baddie. Mundus should be the horcrux and still trapped. Vergil deserves a final confrontation with Mundus to settle the score. Since he is sealed away Yamato would be needed to break it/or enter Mundus' prison. While Nero deals with the Big Baddie and Vergil deals with Mundus, Dante could be off on his own either taking steps to break the horcrux spell
      • Nero getting wounded and not saving the day. The torch has been passed to Nero twice now. He should be able to stand on his own and face major threats by himself.
      • Lady living hell makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Even if there is peace between humans and demons and no demon ever attacked any humans, Lady has no reason to go there amd all of her skills are applicable many different professions in the human world

      Fact checking stuff

      • Devil Arms dont really get absorbed and added to a persons power or Devil Arms.
      • Demons who become Devil Arms dont lose their names and giving them names wont do anything to them.
      • Agni and Rudra are demons, not souls tranformed into weapons
      • Dante shouldn't be able to summon his old DA's. All of the Devil Arms except the DMC5 ones are in Enzo's pawn shop
      • Beowulf didnt become a Devil Arm because he respected Sparda/Dante/Vergil. Before the Nightmare made some slight retcons to how they are formed. One way is through subjugation and the other way is through a close bond. Beowulf was subjugated
      • there are plenty of good demons and Dante is aware of that. His interactions with Trish, Brad, Modeus, and Lucia are proof of that.
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