Okay, finally got around to testing it.

My original ages-old idea was that the articles would go to the subcategory but not in the general category, to keep the general category clean. E.g., Nevan would go to "Devil May Cry 3 bosses" category (and that category IS part of the general DMC3 category), but NOT to the general "Devil May Cry 3" category.

I tested it out, and looks like edits to articles in a subcategory don't count for the edit track, which is actually a crying shame what the hell? But it's nothing we could do anything about.

I suppose we will have to add those articles BOTH to relevant subcategory and the general category in order for this to work. So Nevan would be part of "Devil May Cry 3" and "Devil May Cry 3 bosses" both.

And yeah, you can proceed with your grand switch, I am not sure when I will get around to figuring out a bot.

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