The Throwing Daggers are Lucia's trademark silver knives which appear in Devil May Cry 2. They are created to be strong against demons,[1] and they have standard accuracy, speed, and firepower.

Appearance and GameplayEdit

Throwing Daggers resemble dark silver, organic knives. The handles are slightly grooved for comfort.

In-game, they are thrown two at a time in quick succession. They can also be thrown at in a different direction at a nearby enemy. While in the air, Lucia spins throwing multiple daggers at once. This spin will slow her descent similar to Dante's handguns.


Devil May Cry 2Edit

Action Command Description
Twosome Time B r1+Any direction+B s Simultaneously shoot in different directions.



  1. Devil May Cry 2, Weapon File — Throwing Daggers: "Silver knives created to stand up to demons."

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