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The Throwing Daggers are Lucia's trademark silver knives which appear in Devil May Cry 2. They are created to be strong against demons,[1] and they have standard accuracy, speed, and firepower.

Appearance and Gameplay[]

Throwing Daggers resemble dark silver, organic knives. The handles are slightly grooved for comfort.

In-game, they are thrown two at a time in quick succession. They can also be thrown at in a different direction at a nearby enemy. While in the air, Lucia spins throwing multiple daggers at once. This spin will slow her descent similar to Dante's handguns.


Devil May Cry 2[]

Action Command Description
Twosome Time Button ps4 r1+Any direction+Button ps4 square Simultaneously shoot in different directions.



  1. Devil May Cry 2, Weapon File — Throwing Daggers: "Silver knives created to stand up to demons."