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Titiania is a gun Devil Arm that appears in Devil May Cry Drama CD Vol.1. The weapon fused with Enzo's arm resulting in Dante needing to cut off his limb before he got turned completely.



Devil May Cry Drama CD Vol.1[]

Enzo found this gun in the ruins, hoping to sell it without Dante and Trish's knowledge. They informed it that it was of demonic origin but Enzo doesn't believe in such things. Little did he know, they were right and it was a creation of Machiavelli's, a weapon that would fuse with its user. It started the process and fired on Dante trying to protect its user, Enzo. This resulted in Dante needed to remove Enzo's arm before the fusing process could complete.


This is an audio drama only Devil Arm, hasn't appeared or have been referenced anywhere else.