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Tomboy is one of the Devil Breakers in Devil May Cry 5.


Tomboy can charge the Blue Rose, increasing its fire-power. It also enhances the Red Queen which allows Nero to perform new, stronger actions with the sword.


Devil May Cry 5 promo site, Character - Nero[1]
Soup up your sword or gun by linking them up to this Devil Breaker. The boost in power comes at a loss of control so handle with care.

Nico's Weapon Report - Tomboy

Uh, I think I might've overdone it this time.
I wanted to craft somethin' to power up your sword and gun, but the output on this thing borders on absurd. You might even have a little trouble wrangling it.
But hey, what guy doesn't like a piece that's a little hard to handle? Treat her right and she's bound to come around.



DMC3 Dante Got to clean up the mess father left behind.

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Action Command (PS4) Command (PC) Command (XONE) Description
One Night Stand B c Bx b Push your weapons past their limits! The Red Queen and Blue Rose are powered up while this ability is activated. PressB c while activated to turn it off.


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