Devil May Cry 4Edit

Character - Trish
A demon with a striking resemblance to Dante's mother. Once a conspirator against Dante on behalf of Mundus, Dante's decision to save Trish sparked her conversion to his cause, and now they work together.[1]
Character - Gloria
Meteorically rising to a leadership position in the Order shortly after joining the faith, Gloria's exotic appearance and voluptuous assets set her apart from the rest. However, her rise to the top, coupled with her looks and ability have attracted the attention of many detractors.[1]

Devil May Cry 5Edit

Devil May Cry 5 promo site[2]
Fiendish Femme Fatale
An alluring demon resembling Dante's mother Eva in appearance. Once an enemy of Dante's, she changed her ways when he saved her life, becoming a partner of sorts to the Devil Hunter. Fickle by nature, the exact nature of their relationship remains a mystery.
Nico's Character Report - Trish
Trish is Dante's partner.
I ain't no expert on the woman, but she ain't as human as she looks, that's for sure. I mean, normal human beings can't just shoot lightning bolts on command.
I hear that during the Fortuna incident, she'd infiltrated the Order of the Sword. That's when Nero first ran into her.
She was saying, "He was so inexperienced when he first met me." Now what's that supposed to mean?
Injured Trish
Trish is demon through and through, but even she couldn't take down the big bad king.
I mean sure, Dante got his ass beat too, but I kinda hoped one of the gals would pick up the slack and save the day for once.


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