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Anyone who seeks to pass this point is destined to die.
—Trismagia, Devil May Cry 2

Trismagia is a powerful demon in Devil May Cry 2. It serves as the boss for both Dante in Mission 16 and Lucia in Mission 12. In the Devil May Cry HD Collection, the player will achieve the award "Never Forget a Face" for defeating Trismagia.


An ancient and powerful demon, Trismagia is the oracle of the Demon World.[1]

It is an enormous head with three faces and three sets of eyes. when Trismagia separates, the three faces represent different emotions. Red is anger, black is joy and white is sadness.

Each head has the ability to use one of the elements of ice, fire, and electricity. His three heads can separate and attack one at a time, or recombine for a powerful strike using all three elements.



Devil May Cry 2 — File — Enemy — Trismagia

English version

Oracles who have the knowledge of demon world.

Japanese version


Wiki translation

Dark sages who believe in the dark knowledge.
Each of three faces possesses the magic of fire, ice, and thunder, and combined they demonstrate even greater demonic power.

Appearances in Other Media[]


Trismagia is featured in the mobile card game TEPPEN's fourteenth expansion, where it alongside several other demons featured throughout the Devil May Cry series serving the Goddess Myria from Breath of Fire. Trismagia is featured in two cards, the first being it's own self titled card depicting its three separate heads form, and a second called "Trove of Magic" where it is depicted in its combined form battling Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers.


From the Latin words "tris" (three) and "magi" (magicians).

It references biblical Three Wise Men.




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