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The fatter they are, the harder they fall.
—Dante, after defeating the first Tyrant, DmC: Devil May Cry

The Tyrant is a bulky demon that appears in DmC: Devil May Cry. It is invulnerable to most damage, except on its back. Tyrants are first encountered at St. Agares's Church.


The Tyrant has a large frame that it uses to attack Dante. It has a very tough hide that deflects bullets and other light attacks.

During production, the Tyrant was referred to as a "Tank Drone".


Watch Your Ass![]

Although the Tyrant is slow and its attacks are signaled before commencing by a roar, the damage output is substantial. Getting hit by a Tyrant's attack will leave Dante staggered and open to further damage. Avoid them.

Big, Fat Softie![]

Liberal application of heavy weapons to the Tyrant's back will help to crack its tough hide, which is virtually invulnerable to firearms and angelic weapons. However, its devastating haymakers or bullrushes can be countered with Eryx's charged punches, and in some cases this can even juggle the demon.

When the Tyrant charges Dante, he must dodge by either jumping or using Evade; a Demon Evade can be used here for a damage bonus. As soon as the Tyrant passes Dante, its back is vulnerable to either a Demon Pull or a heavy weapon attack. However, after being attacked and especially after being pulled down, it will often go berserk, forcing Dante to rely on aerial attacks to deal consistent damage; powerful ranged attacks can also be used to avoid risking injury.

A fully charged Eryx Snake Eye attack will cancel out the Tyrant's bullrush on impact or break it out of berserk mode. As this occurs, move to behind the Tyrant and use Demon Pull on it. As soon as the Tyrant is down, close in and charge an Upper Cut to launch the Tyrant into the air, leaving it fully vulnerable to attacks. Aerial Rave is good, but just for the fun of it, players can use Showdown to repeatedly smack the Tyrant to the ground, bounce it back to the air for another one, and another until it is dead.

On Dante Must Die!, the Tyrant will sometimes be accompanied by deadly foes like Dreamrunners and even Witches. It is best to deal with these enemies first because the Tyrant's attacks are predictable and can be dodged or repelled.

Surviving the first encounter with the Tyrant will reward the player with the Flock off, feather-face! award.