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Devil May Cry 5[]

"Is this... my limit?"
―Urizen when defeated in the Prologue or Mission 8 by Nero[src]
"You've come here to die?"
―Urizen greeting Nero[src]
"I am without a name. I am power, absolute. You will suffer... And...die."
"You would so readily throw away your life, child?"
―Urizen to Nero during their rematch in Mission 8[src]
"You're nothing but a maggot!"
―Urizen, to Nero in response to his claims of breaking his winning streak[src]
"You will suffer!"
―Urizen, as Nero boasts of nearly destroying his shield[src]
"Humans...are all so foolish. Don't you understand that your efforts are futile?"
―Urizen questioning Nero's motivation[src]
"Weak mortal. Demon power does not course through your veins. Yet, you try... How dare you strike ME!? You will regret...being born useless and human. I will show you...your worst nightmares! I will give you...despair and death!"
―Urizen rises from his throne[src]
"Very well...I shall show you my true power."
―Urizen as he readies to fight Nero personally[src]
"Die in the depths of despair!"
―Urizen during his battle with Nero[src]
"Merely human. Petulant mortal flesh. Cursed...the moment you were brought into this world."
―Urizen about to kill Nero[src]
"What creature stands against a king!?"
―Urizen confronting Sin Devil Trigger Dante[src]
―Urizen greeting Dante[src]
"This... is power."
―Urizen after destroying Rebellion[src]
"The devil sword Sparda no longer serves a purpose."
―Urzen after defeating Dante[src]
"I have plans for the both of you. You will exist to give me strength. How fortunate to serve such divine purpose."
―Urizen capturing Lady and Trish[src]
" dare approach me in that form?!"
―Urizen to Dante in SDT during their second battle[src]
"As long as you live, you will never understand. Power is everything!"
―Urizen to Dante in their second battle[src]
"It is YOU who does not understand. It has begun. The Qliphoth is revealed in its entirety. This inconvenience...matters not."
―Urizen after his second battle with Dante[src]
"I have no recollection of this tale, or this place. It's all an illusion, created by this extraordinary fruit. Its power, you see, is all I ever wanted. And with this... I will have everything!"
―Urizen about to eat the Qliphoth fruit[src]
"That is nothing but the pitiful cries of those without strength. Come to me, brother... I shall enlighten you, Dante!"
―Urizen true form revealed as vines fall off of him[src]
"This is true power... The power I've sought for so long!"
"It would seem so..."
"How... How are you so powerful!? You never lost anything!"
"I will not lose... Not to Dante... I need power... More power!"
―Urizen's final words.[src]

Battle Quotes:[]

  • You shall regret your existence.
  • What a bore...
  • Insolence!
  • Insignificant...
  • Scatter!
  • This is the end!
  • Nowhere to go!
  • Scatter, like dust...
  • Run while you can...
  • Witness the true power...!
  • You worthless piece of scum!
  • What an eyesore.
  • Insignificant.
  • Over here...
  • Power...More power!