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"It has begun! I will show you your worst nightmares! I will give you despair...and....death!"
― Urizen after effortlessly taking out Dante and his friends

Urizen is a new character introduced in Devil May Cry 5He is the main antagonist of the game.  


Urizen is a tall colossal humanoid demon with three blue eyes, large sharp teeth and claws. His most prominant features are the thick root-like layers of flesh that form spikes on his body and head like a crown. He also has several blue glowing orbs on his body. 


According to V, Urizen is known as the Demon King and is stated to be even more powerful than Mundus, the Prince of Darkness and former Emperor of the Underworld. Through unknown means, Urizen has revived and he has planted the Qliphoth Tree in Red Grave City to use the blood of humans to grow its fruit which apparently contains the power to rule the Underworld. 

It's clear that none of the other demons are like him, and are trying to retrieve the fruit from Urizen. Sometime after Dante, Nero and their friends arrived at his throne, Urizen effortlessly defeats them without getting off his throne, and even shatters Dante's sword Rebellion, weakening him and putting the son of Sparda into a coma. 

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