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Uroboros was a international enterprise run by the modern-day sorcerer, Arius, located in Vie de Marli,[1] on which the company has much influence.

Base of Operations[]

Uroboros's main base of operations is a large tower located on Vie de Marli.


Based on the narritive, Uroboros happens to possess military vehicles, on which expirements have been performed using demonic power, resulting them in being controlled by Infestants.



  • Uroboros, or Ouroboros is a ancient symbol depicting a serpent eating its own tail. It is associated with various systems including Alchemy.
  • The company name is also shared by the virus and one of the bosses in another Capcom franchise, Resident Evil.
  • Arius and Uroboros are very close. Arius represents Magician from Tarot and depicts a snake at the waist, which is Uroboros.


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