aka Zero

  • I live in THE INTERNET
  • I was born on January 24
  • I am Male

Current StatusEdit

A little tied up with personal stuff so will be around less 13/6/12

About meEdit

My name is Zero. I never really know what to say in Bio's but I know they are meant to be about me so. I am a strange and unusual guy, I enjoy relaxing watching TV, sitting back with a good book, listening to music of any kind, Playing Games and just hanging out and chilling with my friends. Once I get an idea in my mind I tend to stick to it and try my hardest to achieve it. As for anything else you want to know you can just ask me, and if I do not reply do not worry I tend to be forgetful at times

I am a former Official Moderator/Admin of Capcom-Unity.

Official Devil May Cry Forums

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