• No one has ever returned back alive from this gate.
  • In the past, many people visited this island and this statue has seen many head toward their death.

CURSE OF THE BLOODY PUPPETS (Break the evil spell and open the cursed door.)

  • The door is sealed shut. I need 45 Red Orbs to open it.
  • This door is sealed shut. A Rusty Key may help…
  • It looks like a statue of a god that the castellans worshiped.
  • It’s a statue of a knight who’s leaving for a war with the divine forces. Yeah, whatever…
  • This statue must be the watcher of time. This god knows and remembers all of the past. The words of this god are engraved, "Those who desire to acquire the ancient ways of war shall offer the blood of monsters in exchange." It’s not responding. I’d better unseal the door beneath here first!
  • A heavy iron lattice gate is lowered. It appears that this iron lattice gate will have to be raised in order to get out of this old castle. That’s great…
  • I can see the castle’s garden from the window.
  • It’s a puppet that resembles the residents of this castle.
  • All these books list prisoners and their bail amounts. The room must have been used to hold high ranking officers captive during times of war. How interesting…
  • The crumbled stairs are blocking the way.
  • There’s a ladder, but the lid is closed and I can’t go through.
  • This is the chain to wind up the iron lattice gate on the lower floor. It’s too heavy to lift even with my strength.
  • There are three openings to insert something.
  • There’s something written, "The 17 puppets are my masters. There will be no admission as long as my masters are here."
  • It appears to be an engine used for repairing the bi-plane. It’s completely broken.
  • There’s only a toolbox with useless junk inside of it.
  • From the looks of things, it hasn’t been repaired in a long time. It doesn’t look like it’s going to fly.
  • This emblem responds to my powers.

JUDGE OF DEATH (Open the door of the cathedral.)

  • It’s a landscape painting. There’s an eerie aura surrounding it.
  • It’s a painting of a war.
  • This door is locked, but it looks like a Rusty Key may help…
  • There’s a painting of a middle aged man.
  • Arranged on this shelf are many books pertaining to the art of alchemy.
  • There are lists of crops that were harvested from the feudatory. Strangely, the amounts of crops harvested were never stable and there were instances where winter crops were harvested in the summer.
  • There aren’t any books particularly interesting here.
  • I can see a room on the other side. There must be another way to get there.
  • There’s a word left by a notable prophet when he visited this castle. It states, "Pluto shall come on the promised date and separate heaven and earth. One with black wings of treachery shall come and stand in Pluto’s way."
  • Something about the strange occurrence in the cathedral of the castle is written. "It happened on a hot humid night. The columns twisted and the statue of a god disappeared. We quickly sealed the cathedral in hope that someone righteous with a strong heart will come save us."
  • There’s a book about the administration ran by the successive castellans. The latter castellans imposed ridiculous taxes and barbaric executions. Why am I reading this…?
  • There’s a book written about the rearing of this castle. It says that during the late twelfth century the castle had gone through a number of modifications since its establishment as a citadel. The last sentence in the book states, "Why have the successive castellans modified this castle so repetitively and unnecessarily? Were they possessed by some kind of evil spirits?"
  • There’s a sculpture of a female in agony with a sword pierced through her chest. Wait, I can hear a voice. "I am Alastor. The weak shall give their heart and swear their eternal loyalty to me."
  • It’s a carving of the Judge of Death. It looks like the Judge should be holding something…
  • A Grim Reaper like devil is depicted. A key is embedded.
  • Many of the books are records of the past civil court hearings and the rest are records of the harvest and births.
  • There are reports of incidents that occurred in the feudatory. Most of the incidents that occurred at night are atrocious and dismal, as if the night had turned the people mad.
  • It’s a statue of an angel, the guardian of a god.
  • It’s an engraving of a Lion. There’s something written, "Only those who the Lion has accepted can set me free."
  • There’s an immense power that will not allow one to get any closer. Before I confront the Lion, I’ll need a sign.
  • It’s sealed shut by an immense power.
  • There’s something engraved beneath the opening, "This is where the guiding souls gather."
  • There’s something written, "A god stands before thee. To open the path, use thy strength to drive it back."
  • The door won’t open until the enemies are defeated!

DESTROYER OF ARDOR (Overcome the trial and acquire the "Pride of Lion".)

  • The door has been cursed with an evil spell and it won't open!
  • "The Pride of Lion is granted only to those who choose the path of trials."
  • This symbol resembles the Staff of Hermes that's used in the art of alchemy. Hmm...I can feel some kind of mysterious force, but I just can't quite understand, yet...
  • It states, "Go back the path and thou shall return from the abyss with the lionheart. And thou shall receive the Pride of Lion."

BLACK KNIGHT (Display one's strength to the Lion and open the path. Acquire the "Melancholy Soul".)

  • Here sleeps the gatekeeper. Magical destruction will awaken him.
  • I've got to defeat the enemy to open the door!
  • The stairs are blocked off, so I can't go any further this way.
  • It's sealed shut by immense power. There's something written, "This path will open with a guiding soul."
  • There's something written. "The sword is the key to freeing the soul. The key resides at the highest place."
  • It's a statue of a female with a melancholic expression. There's an opening to place something.
  • It's an amazingly beautiful mirror. But, still there's something dark and evil deep within its reflection as if it's trying to suck me inside.
  • An emblem of a sun is engraved. There's something written beneath it. "The brightness of the guiding light will scorch you. Only those who can bear the light can open the new path."
  • There are documents here that were probably used for diplomacy with the neighboring countries.
  • It's sealed shut by immense power.
  • There's a note left by a castellan. "Often I feel that the time passes awkwardly around here. In some places the flowers never die. In other places they wither ever so quickly. I cannot stay here very long for I know my sanity will leave me."
  • This must have been where the castellan slept.
  • There's a portrait of the castellan and his spouse placed above the fireplace. Cute...
  • It's sealed shut by immense power.
  • I have to defeat the Black Knight!

GUIDING OF THE SOUL (Go to the destination before the power of the "Melancholy Soul" fades away.)

  • I have to defeat the enemy to open the door!

EVIL OF THE WATERWAYS (Defeat the evil guardian and acquire the "Guiding Light".)

  • The door is locked. A Rusty Key may help...
  • The door has been cursed with an evil spell and it won't open!

HOLDING THE KEY OF ARDOR (Return to the bedroom before the "Guiding Light" absorbs all of your vitality.)

  • ??
  • I've got to defeat the enemy to open the door!

THE LEGENDARY KNIGHT RETURNS (Activate the mechanism and escape from the rooftop.)

  • It's sealed shut!
  • It's a magnificent sculpture. There's nothing particularly strange about it.
  • There must be a way to open this.
  • It's a corpse of a soldier who must have wandered into the castle and died from exhaustion. He's holding something.
  • It's a lever used to wind up the drawbridge. It's heavily rusted. A strong downward force may help move the lever.

NEW STRENGTH (Use the new strength to open the door.)

  • There's a message carved in the circle. "The Wheel of Destiny shall guide you to the land of the beginning."
  • There's a message carved in the stone. It's a riddle of some kind. "There are secret dimensions where red stones hide. They will appear when you do the unordinary."
  • There's a message carved in the stone. it seems to be a story of some kind. "Destiny awaits, somewhere deep in the coliseum."
  • There's an emblem of a shield on the door that's glowing with red light.
  • There's an emblem of a shield on the door that's glowing with blue light.
  • There's a decoration resembling two knights. It appears as though the knights should be holding something. Words are carved beneath the decoration. "The shields that glow with light and a pair of lances shall lead to the battle ground."
  • This looks like a place for a watch fire. The flame's burned out. "I only accept flames that dwell with strength."
  • Words are carved here. "A pair of flames that dwell with strength will open the path."
  • It's sealed shut from the other side.
  • This gate must have led to the outside, but it's been destroyed and that means I can't go through.
  • There's an inscription on the base. "My name is Ifrit. Fool who awakens me shall pay dearly with fires of hell."
  • The door has been cursed with an evil spell and it won't open! (Check, please)
  • I must defeat the enemy for it to open!
  • You used 200 Red Orbs.

CANYON OF MIST (Come out of the labyrinth canyon alive.)

  • It's a riddle of some kind, "Valley of the Mist. One must choose the right path to enter the lost land. Only those who protect the weak light shall have the power to decipher the right path."
  • It's a statue of a water goddess. Wind and rain have weathered it. Poor thing...
  • It's a statue of a water goddess. It must have become fragile due to extreme weather patterns. I guess the head of it must have crumbled off.
  • This must also have been a statue of some goddess.
  • It's sealed by an iron door.

FATE (Offer the "Chalice" and open the path.)

  • There's an inscription. "Those without the sign are not worthy to possess the Chalice. Walk the dark path toward the light of sorrow. The sign is confined in the cage of doom."
  • There's light pouring out through the crack of the wall.
  • There's a cup on the base protected by a powerful light. "Prove yourself worthy with the sign."
  • I've already got the Chalice. Time to move on...
  • The entrance is sealed, so I guess I can't go back this way.
  • Words are inscribed, "The Chalice shall open the gate to the dark path."
  • It's a statue of a gold knight. It looks like something was placed here.
  • It's a statue of a gold knight. There's nothing left for me to do here anymore.

GHOST SHIP (Go to the deck and head to the Captain's cabin.)

  • There's a huge anchor. Despite it's size, its well decorated. Impressive...
  • There's nothing in the treasure box except sea shells.
  • It must be a slave who couldn't escape when the ship was sinking.
  • It's a gigantic capstan used for winding the large heavy anchor.
  • Wet gun powder is scattered everywhere.
  • It's been here for a very long time. It doesn't look like it's usable.
  • There are shells all around the inside of the cannon barrel.
  • Gold and silver treasures are buried here, but there's nothing that seems particularly useful.
  • There's a skull inside the cannon barrel.
  • It's been rusted by the sea water.
  • It seems like someone had preserved some kind of citrus fruits here. The foul stench is overbearing.
  • The cannon barrel is slightly bent. Something hard must have impacted it.
  • It looks like crops were stored here. Wow...
  • This is where the fire of the spirit is lit, but right now it's sealed and can't be lit.
  • The cave leads all the way into the darkness. There doesn't seem to be an end to this underwater river.
  • It's locked shut. There's something written, "I am the ship that carries the wandering souls on the brink of the Underworld. Protect the ship and you shall be given the Fire of Saint Elmo."
  • I have to defeat that noble fool Griffon!
  • A cold flame is lit on the torch base.

ABYSS (Find an exit and escape from the ship.)

  • There's a ventilation hole.
  • It must have been a beautiful bookshelf. But now it's in miserable condition.
  • There are many places marked with X's.
  • It's the skeleton of the Captain. Strangely, it appears as though there's a slight smile in his expression.
  • It's a log book. Exciting...
  • The water pressure is too strong and won't open. There's got to be another way out!
  • Maybe I need to defeat the enemy to open it...


  • There's treasure here. But there's nothing that can be used as weapons.

DEEP DARKNESS & TOWERING MOUNTAINS (Go to the surface and head for the coliseum.)

  • It looks as if it were scratched with a sharp object.
  • There's something written, "At dusk when darkness is near the curtains shall fall. The Dance of the Bloodthirsty Dead."
  • The iron fence is blocking the way.
  • There's something written, "The resonating emblem shall undo the seal of the shield."
  • The skeleton's arm appears to be a lever of some sort.
  • The booby trap has activated!
  • This herb like vegetation seemed to have grown to their monstrous size due to some kind of miasma. Whatever, it won't help me at all...
  • You have unsealed it.

WHEEL OF DESTINY (Use a shield and a pair of lances to conquer the coliseum.)

  • The rubble is blocking the path, so I can't go this way. Too bad...
  • There's light pouring out through the crack of the wall.
  • "I long and crave for light. Only those with light shall pass."
  • Words are inscribed, "Sacrifices become magical powers and rise as the connecting passage to the skywalk."
  • There's something written, "The coliseum entrusts the conqueror with the lance. The time has come to open the door."
  • It's sealed shut by immense power!
  • I can hear someone speaking to me inside my mind, "Offer a sacrifice to the coliseum. It shall connect the path to the Wheel of Destiny."
  • There's something written, "The King of Avalon shall turn the Wheel of Destiny and take the story to the beginning land."

NIGHTMARE OF DARKNESS (Unravel the mystery of the "Staff of Hermes".)

  • The door has disappeared. It must be the work of dark evil powers.
  • This door is cursed. Wonderful...
  • The door has completely vanished. It must be the work of dark evil powers.
  • The door won't budge an inch!
  • There's a strong surge of evil coming from the puddle of water. There's a voice in my head saying something, "One who knocks on the gate to the Underworld shall borrow the strength from the blue stone."
  • It's reacting to the growing evil surge of the darkness.
  • The gatekeeper's room is depicted. It's reacting to the growing evil surge of the darkness. It looks like an ordinary oil painting. Wait a second...It looks like the surface is rippling like water.
  • The castellan's bedroom is depicted. It's reacting to the growing evil surge of the darkness. It looks like an ordinary oil painting. Wait a second...It looks like the surface is rippling like water.
  • The evil surge is growing stronger and I can hear a voice echoing in my head, "Those who want to open the gate to the Underworld shall borrow the strength of the blue stone."
  • The door's been vanished due to evil powers. Scary...

PARTED MEMENTO (Slash away at the dragon and enter the court with the "Quicksilver".)

  • There's writing about the war between humanity and the Underworld. There are records of many battles that were fought. There are even names of historical men listed.
  • There's a book that tells about ways to enter the Underworld. "Evil" is a reflection of man. Thus, "Evil" lurks inside the mirror. One with devil qualities shall bring the blue stone, "Elixir", and stand before the mirror.
  • It describes about "Evil". "Evil" is the darkness as well as the shadows. It exists everywhere. Be forewarned, where there is light, there is darkness. In darkness, no shadow can exist.
  • There's a painting of a coliseum. It looks like an ordinary oil painting. Wait a second...It looks like the surface is rippling like water.
  • I bet I have to defeat that enemy for it to open!
  • The door won't open. There's a round hole in the center. "Show the gem with the moonlight."
  • There's something written, "The confronter of the path, Pluto's dragon. Prove your bravery with your sword and the dragon will fall in its own flame."
  • The power of the dragon has control over it now. It can't be moved.
  • A strange power has confronted me! I've got to find a way to defeat the dragon!
  • The mirror looks like it will swivel. But it can't be turned directly.
  • It's a device to gather moonlight.
  • There's a throne where the castellan must have sat to watch over his little celebrations and his court holdings.

SPIRIT STONE, "ELIXIR" (Throw the "Philosopher's Egg" into the fire and transform it into a Spirit Stone.)

  • There's a painting of a bastille when it sunk underwater. It looks like an ordinary oil painting. Wait a second...It looks like the surface is rippling like water.
  • There's something engraved, "Those who seek the truth shall put the egg in the basket and shall warm it slowly with care. It will become a blue stone and the land mark to the rough roads."
  • It may take some time for it to transform.
  • Transformation is complete.
  • A strange voice from the transformed stone is echoing inside my head, "I am the first key to opening the gate of the Underworld. The second key resides in the mirror dimension."

ENTER THE CORRUPTED WORLD (Open the gate to the Underworld.)

  • The Elixir is responding strongly to the other painting.
  • The mirror is responding to the Elixir and its reflection is growing eerier.
  • Here, the statue of the Watcher of Time is just an illusion. Orbs have no use here.
  • ?? (Nobody Gate)
  • The surge of evil is reacting to the power of the Elixir. It's starting to activate.
  • The evil darkness is whirling with its mouth open. This must be the Gate of the Underworld. Exciting...I need the key, the Philosopher's Stone.

SHOWDOWN WITH NIGHTMARE (Head to the place of sacrifice.)

  • There's a thin layer of flesh blocking the path. It appears that it leads to the next room.

LIVING CAVE (Pulsate the heart and open the last gate.)

  • Strange claws are blocking the entrance. It's impossible to open it even with my strengths.
  • This giant heart must be what's controlling this large "living dungeon". The thick veins from the heart are connected to the door above it.
  • This door won't open. However, it appears as though it's connected with the giant heart in the center of the room.


MOTHER'S GUIDE (Escape Mallet Island before it collapses.)

  • Trish...
  • The destruction of the Underworld Temple has closed off the area. Perfect...
  • I've got to defeat the enemy to open the door!
  • ?? (others?)

Secret MissionsEdit

BLUE GEM IN THE SKY (Acquire the Blue Orb that's located high in the sky.)

HIDDEN BANGLE (Find the hidden bangle that resides in the secret corridor.)


  • Unknown
  • Castle: B2, B1, 1F, 2F, 3F, 4F, 5F
  • Garden: B3, B2, B1, 1F, 2F, 3F, 4F
  • Ship: B3, B2, B1, 1F, 2F, 3F, 4F, 5F, 6F
  • Underworld: 1F


Pluto's Dragon Lava Dragon Living Dungeon

Air Hike in final Sparda

You won't stand a chance against Mundus with this armament!

Feed your power and Trish's power into your guns, Ebony & Ivory. Then use your Devil Trigger and blast a big shot into Mundus!

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