DMC prologueEdit

According to legend, 2000 years ago while snow was falling on a clear, freezing night on Earth, a fierce devil prince was born deep in the darkest pit of the netherworld.

He grew rapidly. Within a short time he gained his full powers and took over the Devil Throne. His first act as ruler of all devils was to declare himself emperor of the Devil Kingdom. His next feat was an invasion of the human world. His plan was to conquer it and rule over both the lower and the upper realms.

But a powerful devil-knight known as Sparda took pity on humans for their brief, transient lives. In fierce battles he defeated all the Devil ruler’s armies and finally imprisoned the emperor himself in a sealed vault.

Having achieved his victory, Sparda abandoned the Devil Kingdom to live in the human world. He married a human woman and soon fathered a half devil, half human son.

But beware, mankind. After 2000 years, the cursed Devil Emperor will be released and will return to invade the human world once again.

Sparda’s son must be our protector!

-From Devil World History (age unknown)

Informant Enzo Ferino’s TestimonyEdit

“Dante? Yeah I know him. Doing this kind of business myself, I seen tons of dangerous guys…but I don’t know anybody as crazy. “First off, he is one skilled dude. I seen him take on a dozen villains with only his strange sword…the one he calls Woozy. He don’t raise an eyebrow, even when a bullet grazes his nose. “Besides, he’s weird. If he don’t like a job, he won’t take it even for a pile of C notes up to the ceiling. But say it’s something bizarre like a ghost hunting or devil purification, he jumps right on it…it don’t matter if there’s a reward or not. “Rumor says blue blood may be flowing in that guy’s body. I tell ya, if he glares at a guy, even the devil may cry.”

Housed in the Library of Forbidden Books

DMC2 prologueEdit

In ancient times, a religion arising somewhere east of the Mediterranean Ocean split into many different factions. Its disciples quickly carried it to western Asia, Europe, and North Africa. As time passed, some gods from the various sects were forgotten, others were assimilated into other religions, and still others were shunned as evil

For one reason or another, the gods all but disappeared. What few people continued worshipping them were branded as heretics. The dissenters were forced to turn their backs on their own homelands in order to continue in their beliefs.

Venturing farther and farther away, the outcasts eventually found themselves adrift in an unknown land floating on the outskirts of the New World. This was Dumary Island.

Hordes of refugees of different races, beliefs and languages crossed over to the island. The first to arrive followed the sea routes of the old Viking explorers, around the North Pole and through the Pacific Ocean. Following them came runaway slaves seeking sanctuary.

The newcomers all had a single common point – belief in a pagan religion. Tribes that had historically skirmished over old differences running deep in their cultures now lived together peaceably on the same island.

As the generations passed, the former strangers blended together into a single people. Their mix of different languages, ethnic customs and various gods gave birth to new, totally unique religions.

The gods worshiped by the new blend of people were an ancient family of beings inhabiting a different dimension. They wielded strange powers and existed outside the concepts of right and wrong. Deities that were considered evil or pagan in the world world were, on Dumary Island, simply thought of as “other gods” – there were far too many of them to count. Rites performed in honor of these idols often resembled exorcisms and demon sealing ceremonies.

The priests of these cults were known as “guardians” and were sometimes called upon to protect the gods and their worshipers. Many were the legends of guardians who had borrowed the power of their own gods to defeat enemy gods. One recent tale, only a few hundred years old, told of a great swordsman appearing from “the outside” to aid in exorcising the most evil god of all time.

Over the centuries, Dumary Island’s success in supporting the worship of unique religions while maintaining its existence out of the mainstream has been nothing short of miraculous. Lately, however, agents of international corporations have quietly begun infiltrating the island. Their purpose is to acquire the “special ores” discovered in the island’s interior.

On Dumary Island, the people’s simple religious piety, as well as the fabulous artifacts buried in the inner mountains, are now in great danger…

Demon World HistoryEdit

(Devil May Cry 3, Code: 1 - "Dante")

During the time when the star of Bethlehem bathed the Earth with its radiance, demons and monsters raged deep in the bowels of hell. One of these monsters declared himself King of the Demon World, and began to covet the world of humans. It was then that a fearless demon swordsman named Sparda appeared. Sparda cut down the armies of hell and defeated the Demon King, sealing him into oblivion.

Although Sparda was himself a demon, his desire to experience the pain and joy of a human soul turned him against the demons. After many bloody battles, he departed hell to reside in the human world. He even married a human woman, who bore his seed.

And so, after two thousand years have past, the cursed Demon King is destined to reclaim his powers and return to the human world. Also destined is the battle between the Demon King and the half-demon son of Sparda.

—Excerpted from the forbidden library texts of the Vatican "Demon World History" (date unknown)

DMC3 PrologueEdit

His name is Dante. He's a freelance jack-of-all-trades in the modern underworld.

But — his other occupation is even more extraordinary. He is the son of Sparda, the legendary demon who fought on the side of mortals.

Those who know Dante all say the same thing...

"I don't know anybody as crazy or as skilled. If he glares at a guy, even the DEVIL MAY CRY!"

Demon DanteEdit

Several thousand years have passed since the Demon Warrior Sparda used his legendary sword for the good of humans and sealed away the demon world...

Dante, with blood from the Demon hero Sparda and a human mother, is trying to set up shop in a small corner of town, only to find a gigantic tower rise up out of the earth practically next door.

Standing on the very top of that tower, lit by the faint light of the moon, is his older twin brother Vergil. Mysteriously, Vergil had seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth years ago...

...Surrounding Vergil are countless fierce demons!

Although Dante and Vergil share the same blood of Sparda, they have completely different goals.

And so Dante heads off towards the tower, to settle things once and for all with Vergil.

Meanwhile, the Devil Hunter Lady is also making her way toward this mysterious tower, with a score of her own to settle.

And so, the wheels of fate start to turn for the humans, demons, and men who are both.

The Demon LegendEdit

Countless men, possessed by the powers of the underworld, worshiped the power of the demons. In their desire to possess it for their own, they erected a great tower — a tower to join the world of demons and the world of men.

And these men, possessed by demonic power, climbed it on a journey to make their way to the world of demons.

There has never been a deed more evil than this.

In this time of need, Sparda, a Demon Swordsman and hero among heroes, arose and turning on his brethren, finally struck down the demon empire that ruled over all things evil. Then greatly fearing his own accursed power, Sparda sought to seal himself away forever with the demons.

The key to that seal was the great tower.

Sparda, in the depths of the tower, let flow his own blood and the blood of a pure maiden, and in doing so, he sealed away the demons — and his own power — forever.

The tower thus sunk deep into the earth, and time stopped for the world of demons.

—Taken from the Demon Sword Texts (date unknown), Vatican Library Restricted Text Housing

DMC4 Prologue (Welcome to Fortuna)Edit

On the coast of a distant land lies the castle town of Fortuna.

It is here that the group known as the Order of the Sword practices a religion so mysterious, no outsider knows what happens behind closed doors.

In times past, the Order of the Sword fought to protect mankind. They revere the demon warrior Sparda as their god, and their hatred of all other demons runs deep. Their sole purpose is the extermination of these demons.

On the day of the annual Festival of the Sword, a powerful man appeared seemingly from nowhere. Before anyone could act, this man assassinated the head of the Order!

A young knight of the Order, whose only purpose previously was the extermination of all demons, was immediately ordered to pursue the mysterious assassin...

Part 2Edit

A number of demons appeared suddenly from deep within the Mitis Forest and attacked the city, destroying a number of houses and inflicting slight injuries to citizens.

As luck would have it, Nero, a knight of the Order of the Sword, was present at the scene. All demons were exterminated. During this incident, a private female citizen who was a traveling companion of Nero's, was injured. Nero himself received a minor injury to his right shoulder.

The ministry of technology has determined that Nero's sword, the Red Queen, took some damage and is currently being repaired.

A detailed investigation of the area was performed, but no conclusions have been made concerning the reason behind the demon attack. There will be another investigation at a later date.

Part 3Edit

A shadow knight rose up, holding an enchanted sword named after me. That blade will challenge the devil's reign.

Destroying the minions of darkness that stand in his path, the knight finally faced the strongest demon. But his strength was no match for the devil's dark wrath. He was defeated and fell into oblivion.

The people offered up their prayers, believing in the day when the darkness would pass, and sang songs of remembrance to the fallen knight.

These prayers became our strength, our miracle, and by this miracle the shadow knight was reborn, and once again fought the devil's power.

As the shadow knight said, the darkness has cleared.

Character FilesEdit

DMC3 manual


  • Thunder Sword: Alastor the Thunder Devil (fly in the air)
  • Flame Gauntlets: Ifrit the Fire Devil (power of nature & special jump attacks)

"Alastor and Ifrit are the names of living weapons that try to defeat the human who acquires them. But they are also key to releasing Dante’s inner unlimited power. Rule the weapons of the devilish gods and pull the Devil Trigger!"

  • Movement Devil Heart
  • Attribute Devil Heart
  • Support Devil Heart
  • Ebony & Ivory – Dante’s pair of custom handguns excel at rapid fire.
  • Rebellion – Dante’s cherished longsword and main weapon.
  • Cutlaseer – Lucia wields this pair of bowed daggers.
  • Throwing daggers – Lucia throws these razor-edged knives for long-range attacks.
  • Trickster-This style makes use of high speed acrobatic maneuvers. Dodge attacks and toy with enemies using an array of high speed moves!
  • Swordmaster-Excel in using a variety of close-range weapons to their fullest potential. Perfect your dazzling swordplay!
  • Gunslinger-Keep your enemies at bay by making full use of a ariety of long-range weapons. Show off your magnificent marksmanship!
  • Royalguard-Use your enemy's attack against him! This defensive style allows you to counter enemy attacks, turning the situation to your advantage!
  • Red Queen-A blade developed by the Order of the Sword. Nero customized it heavily to suit his needs.
  • Blue Rose-A six-shooter customized by Nero to fire with a double barrel. Capable of taking down multiple foes or enemies encased in armor.
  • Ebony & Ivory-Personally designed by Dante, these pistols are the weapon of choice for rapid-fire situations.
  • Rebellion-A powerful blade that is the physical manifestation of Dante's power. Passed down to Dante by his father.
  • Coyote-A-A hunting shotgun that spreads buckshot over a large area. Tremendously powerful at point-blank range.

Other NotesEdit

The Devil May Cry franchise plays out in a setting in which there is a Human World and a parallel Demon World. The Demon World is inhabited by many demons and devils, soulless beings generally obsessed with gaining power and taking over the Human World. According the series's prologue, however, one such Demon "awoke to justice", seemingly gaining a soul, and turned against the Demon World and its leader, Mundus. After defeating Mundus and his armies, he sealed off the Demon World from the Human World, sacrificing his own demonic power in the process, and lived among the humans as a benevolent leader. Many of the games or episodes revolve around the plot of a demon or human trying to break this seal, and Dante attempting to prevent them from succeeding. As spiritual creatures, demons cannot actually physically manifest within the Human World. Instead, they must manifest through some sort of physical medium already there, such as sand or ice. They may also manifest through certain living things, like flies or lizards. It is also explained that certain demons may possess souls, due to love, and that they may interbreed with humans to create demon-human hybrids like Dante.

Belphegor is a many-tentacled demon lord who appears in Devil May Cry: The Animated Series. It is summoned in order to destroy the world by Mike Hagel's butler, with the assistance of Belphegor's servant Bradley.

  • 衝撃鋼ギルガメス (Shock-steel: Gilgamesh)
  • 無尽剣ルシフェル (Inexhaustible Sword: Lucifer)
  • 災厄兵器パンドラ (Calamity Ordinance: Pandora)
  • 炎獄の覇者ベリアル (Champion of Flame Hell: Berial)
  • 魔樹の支配者エキドナ (Ruler of Dark Tree: Echidna)
  • 誇り高き刃隻翼の魔剣士 (Lordly Edge: One-winged Dark Knight)
  • 智謀に長けた策士隻眼の魔剣士 (Genius Tactician: One-eyed Dark Knight)
  • 悪魔か,神か白銀の巨人 (Demon or God?: Silver Giga)

Frost: Cold Wave, Impalement, Displacement

  1. 傲慢-pride (Gouman)
  2. 暴食-gluttony (Boushoku)
  3. 貪欲-greed (Donyoku)
  • 嫉妬-envy (Shitto)
  • 色欲-lust (Shikiyoku)
  • 憤怒-wrath (Fundo)
  • 怠惰-sloth (Taida)

DMC american site Encyclopedia, MajinForm: A half-breed, this is Dante’s devil form. His appearance alters drastically when in this form, and he gains massive amounts of power.

Alastor: Impaled through the heart of the judge of death, left centuries ago

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Dante – Drew Coombs
  • Trish & Eva – Sarah Lafleur
  • Vergil – David Keeley
  • Mundus – Tony Daniels
  • Phantom & Griffon – Howard Jerome
  • Young Dante & Young Vergil – Jonathan Mallen
  • Dante – Reuben Langdon
  • Vergil – Dan SouthWorth
  • Lady – Stephanie Cheeva
  • Arkham/Jester – Adam D Clerk
  • Monsters – Larry Leong


  • Castle
  • Garden
  • Wrecked Ship
  • Underworld
  • Slums


  • “Seeds of Love”
  • “Devils Never Cry”

Manual RefsEdit

  • Rebellion - Aptly named, this mighty sword is a keepsake from Dante's father.
  • Cerberus - Triple-chained weapon freezes things solid!
  • Beowulf - Gauntlets and shinguards imbued with the power of light. Possesses high destructive power against anything standing in its way.
  • Ebony & Ivory - Dante's own creation, these twin pistols are the weapon of choice for rapid-fire shooting.
  • Shotgun - Hunting rifle that fires a devastating spread shot. Your best bet for putting down foes at point-blank range.
  • Artemis - Demon-world gun that fires a volley of magic arrows. Your best defense when facing multiple enemies at once.
  • Cranky Bomb & Bow Gun underwater
  • Dante DT, gun becomes Submachine Guns
  • Lucia DT, arsenal becomes Darts
  • Drop Sparda, hand attacks, dive attack
  • Combo I, Combo II, Combo III?
  • electrocution, Charge guns
  • Ifrit Combo I?, Jump kick


  • Dante: Ebony & Ivory, Rebellion
  • Trish: Luce & Ombra
  • Lady: Kalina Ann, pistols, grenades

Lady's License plate: GE22-9527


  • Force Edge Taunt - "C'mon"
  • Beowulf Taunt - "Hmm, what's wrong?"
  • Yamato Taunt - "You shall die..."

DMC1 Yamato, DMC1 Luce & Ombra, DMC1 Shotgun

Even moreEdit

  • Lava Dragon
  • Fossil Dragon

Devil May Cry: The Animated Series

Yamato - Wide attack radius. DT gauge fills quickly.
Beowulf - Narrow attack radius. Incredible attack power.
Force Edge - Utilize the same skills as Dante.

Some DMC2Edit

Unnamed DT super attacks (Lucia - Feather Fault/Feather Rain, Dante - Devil Beams, ??, Million Stab, Sword Fall, Trish - Devil Beams, Vortex, ??)

Sacrilege (resembles heart) – This will generate distortion and bring the world closer to the demon world.

Monster's name and design are derived from the French "Renard", or "Fox".

Must Die costumes

Easy | Dante | Lucia Normal | Deisel Dante | Deisel Lucia (#1) Hard | Trish | Deisel Lucia (#2) Must Die | DMC Dante | Secretary

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