Hello there..what can I say, I've been a DMC fan since the very start. My friend who used to work at gamestop gave me a demo of DMC1 and I fell in love with it! I played the game till the cd was completely worn out. I pre-ordered and bought DMC2. It was not at all what I expected, but I still play it every now and then. When DMC3 came out I was over joyed, I just finished completely everything, and recently I bought DMC4 and a 360 (due to lack of funds) I like to write fan-fiction about DMC and recently started reading up on this page. I can say that who ever has been editing this devil wiki, obviously doesn't know his DMC history! I've made changes, but it seems someone has tried changing them back. Really people, if your going to edit this page, at least get your facts straight!

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