Here are the dialogues taken from Vergil in the Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening and Special Edition.

Mission 3Edit


A cutscene in Mission 4 where Vergil kills the Vanguard at the peak of the tower..

At the top of the tower, Vergil was watching Dante heading his way to the tower. While Arkham approached Vergil, he asked something to Arkham.

Vergil: Arkham.

Arkham: Well? Doesn’t it excite you? The Temen-ni-gru has revived, the Great one who once ruled this earth as the medium between the Human World and the Demon World. Isn’t it a magnificent view? The greatest of minds of their time, those who revered Evil, constructed this glorious edifice. Now, after two millenniums of confinement, it can at last fulfill the purpose for which it was intended…

Vergil: That’s none of my concern. Did he have it?

Arkham: Of course. He’s taking good care of it. After all, it is the only memento left from the mother you both lost.

Vergil: But he has no idea of its true power.

Suddenly, the Hell Vanguard stood in front of Vergil as if it was begging something. It came closer to Vergil, but Vergil went away until such time that he quickly opens his sword and stabs the demon. The Hell Vanguard stopped moving. Vergil close his sword and when the click sounded, he continued to walk away and the demon suddenly shattered into chunks.

Mission 4Edit


A cutscene in Mission 4 where Vergil and Arkham re at the peak of the tower in the dusk.

At the peak of the tower when the dusk came out, Vergil rose his head and opened his eyes. He felt that there is an unknown woman wandering the tower. Arkham was very busy reading his small book.

Vergil: Looks like we have an uninvited guest.

Arkham: Is that so?

Vergil: A human, a woman.

Arkham: I’m afraid I should ask the uninvited one to leave. That is what you want. Actually, I happen to be acquainted with that woman. A storm is approaching.

Then Arkham went out through the door.

Mission 7Edit


A cutscene in Mission 7 while Dante and Vergil are battling.

Still at the peak of the tower when the storm arrived, Dante went up and faced Vergil.

Vergil: You showed up.

Dante: You sure know how to throw a party! No food, no drinks, and the only babe just left.

Vergil: My sincerest apology brother. I was so eager to see you, I couldn’t concentrate on preparations for the bash.

Dante: Whatever, at any rate, it’s been a whole year since we last met. How bout a kiss from your little brother? Or better yet how bout a kiss from THIS?

Dante: So this is what they call a heartwarming family reunion, eh?

Vergil: You got that right.

As the battle came, Dante became exhausted. He drove his sword through Vergil, but Vergil was left without a scratch.

Vergil: Why do you refuse to gain power? The power of our father Sparda?

Dante: Father? I don’t have a father. I just don’t like you, that’s all.

Dante charged with his sword, but it fling away and he was stabbed by Vergil.

Vergil: Foolishness, Dante. Foolishness… Might controls everything. And without strength, you cannot protect anything. Let alone yourself.

Arkham: Do you finally have it?

Vergil: Yes! Now the spell Sparda cast will be broken!

Vergil: I see, a devil inside you has awakened as well.

Arkham: Wait! We should leave. For the moment we have all that we need.

Dante became angry. Vergil and Arkham jumped off the tower while Dante was glowing with white aura. Then, Dante unleashed his Devil Form and fell into the ground.

Mission 8Edit


A cutscene in Mission where Vergil is at the Forbidden Land.

Arkham: People once cried out in fear of this tower. Temen-ni-Gru, a foundation that brought out fear. Fear… Yes, fear.

As Arkham was talking, the place shook and the door slowly opened.

Arkham: Can’t you feel it? The rage and agonies of the people. Those who were confined here. With their desired for Evil being unfulfilled. It was all because Sparda slammed the door to the Demon World in their faces.

Arkham paused for a while and let Vergil pass the opened door. But Arkham looked at outside as if he was waiting for something.

Vergil: What’s wrong?

Arkham: Nothing.

Then Arkham followed Vergil and both entered the door.

Mission 10Edit


Arkham: Soon, we will reach the Lair of Judgment. Temen-ni-Gru will finally regain its full function and lead us into the Demon World. The world where Sparda’s power has been sealed. And the one who will lift the incantation is you, his own son. It must be fate.

Arkham paused again for a while and let Vergil pass the opened door. Then Arkham looked at outside as if he was waiting for something. Vergil would always knew it.

Vergil: Does that woman really bother you?

Arkham: What are you talking about?

Vergil: Why didn’t you kill her? Perhaps because she’s your daughter? Did some pesky fatherly love get in your way?

Arkham: That’s none of your…

Arkham was stabbed.

Vergil: To further your study of the black arts, you sacrificed your loving wife. To become a devil as well. Knowing this I thought you’d be more useful to me, but I was wrong. No wonder your attainment of power is incomplete.

Arkham: What about you? You’re an incomplete being as well. Both demon and human blood mingle in your veins.

Vergil: Shut up.

Vergil took his sword stabbed on Arkham's body and Arkham fell down.

Vergil: Now that the final door is open, I have no use for you.

Mission 13Edit

Vergil finally went to the Lair of Judgment and dropped the amulets to the center. Then, he wounded his hand and let the blood drip into it. Vergil waited and waited until he complained that nothing happened at all.

Vergil: Why isn’t this working?! Is there something missing? Must more blood be shed?

Then suddenly, Dante came.

Dante: You seem to be in a bad mood.

Vergil: Dante.

Dante: So my mother’s amulet is the key that unlocks the door to the Demon World. Good plan, Pop.

Vergil: Just the opposite actually… Originally it was the key to the Demon World but was given to humans as a gift.

Dante: It doesn’t matter to me one way or the other. More importantly, I’ve come all this way. I’m sure you have time for one more game, right?

Vergil: Why not? After all we share the same blood. I’ll just use more of yours to undo daddy’s little spell.

Dante: So, you want a piece of me, literally. Okay bro. Come and get it, if you can!

As they fought out, the battle was interrupted by Lady's bazzoka strike. Both Dante and Vergil sliced the bullet into quarters. Lady stared angrily to someone whom she knew was "Vergil".

Dante: Sorry but this is no place for a little girl. So beat it.

Lady: Shut up!

As interrupted, Lady charged and coincide the battle, but Vergil threw her away with a sword.

Lady: You forced him into this!

Vergil: Is that what you think? Foolish girl.

Then Lady was really confused which two of them is referred to be "Vergil". Then, a battle became a tie. Both two of them, Dante and Vergil, wounded. Then, Jester entered the field clapping with his hands.

Jester: Bravo, bravo! I never dreamed that things would go so smoothly. Well done, everyone. Well done!

Dante: You!

Jester: Don’t be a bad girl, Mary! Or you can expect a spanking from daddy later! Jester’s gonna spank your butt. Spank you on the butt.

Vergil: Insane buffoon. I don’t know where you came from, but you don’t belong here. Now leave!

Jester: Zowie, that was close! But you’ve taken quite a trouncing today, haven’t you, Vergil? You could have chopped me into confetti by now if you were in tip-top condition.

Vergil: Damn you!

Arkham: You have lost…because you underestimated humans.

Lady: What’s going on?!

Arkham: Good girl, pure and innocent…just like your mother.

Lady: You bastard!

Jester: It’s time for your spanking, my dear!

Jester: You want to know why the spell didn’t break, hmm, Vergil? You have the two amulets and Sparda’s blood. You had everything you needed to unleash the evil!

Dante: I told you before, I don’t like anybody who has a bigger mouth than mine.

Jester: You are wounded and weak. Even I can do… this to you!

Arkham: Two amulets…a set of Sparda’s blood. Now I need one more key. He sacrificed two things to suppress the tremendous force of this tower: His own Devil’s blood and a mortal priestess. I needed you, in whose body flows the same blood as the sacrificed woman. His spell cannot be undone without your blood!

Jester: It was quite a ride you know! If any of you had died before getting here, our little plan would have gone to waste! Therefore, my job was to make you battle each other in order to weaken you. But at the same time, I had to guide you here and make sure that you kept alive. I even went so far as dressing like a complete idiot!

Jester: It’s time for bed, Mary. You can visit your dear mother.

Then Jester laughed out loudly with his mouth widely opened, but the laugh ended with Lady's point of her Kalina Ann.

Lady: Try me.

Vergil: It’s time for the clown to bow out, Arkham.

Dante: Dude, the show’s over.

Arkham: Impressive. I expected nothing less from the Devil’s descendents. But aren’t you forgetting something, Vergil? The spell is broken. What do you think will happen next? Let’s welcome chaos!

Then, the field rattled and rose up into the air as the roof opened. Then, the three tried to attack Arkham

Arkham: Just sit and wait! Wait for the birth of a new God! I shall take over the power of Sparda!

Mission 19Edit

Dante is trying to defeat the fake Sparda (specifically Arkham) in the Demon World while he is gradually exhausted.

Arkham: No use! Regardless of how strong you are, you’re nothing but a half-breed. You cannot defeat a pure demon, the real Sparda!

Then, Arkham is trying to grab Dante with his long, creepy hand, Vergil cut it in a far distance.

Arkham: What’s this? Damn you!

Vergil: I’ve come to retrieve my power. You can’t handle it.

Dante: Look at you... making a big dramatic entrance and stealing my spotlight.

Vergil: Well... you don’t possibly believe that he deserves to be our main event now do you?

Dante: Now that you mentioned it, you’re right.

Arkham: Do you feel you can defeat me? Defeat the power of your father, the great Sparda!

Vergil: You should come to realize you cannot control the power of Sparda.

Dante: You’re wasting your time, buddy. I think he needs to learn the hard way!

Then, the two charged and managed to defeat Arkham.

Arkham: It can’t be! It cannot! Die!

Vergil: I’ll try it your way for once.

Dante: Remember what we used to say?

Arkham: Don’t do it!

Vergil & Dante: JACKPOT!

Arkham: I have the true power of Sparda…!

Vergil: Not very classy for someone’s dying words.

Mission 20Edit

As they begin to have a final battle, Vergil grabs first th3e Force Edge and wants Dante's amulet.

Vergil: Give that to me.

Dante: No way, you got your own.

Vergil: Well I want yours too.

Dante: What are you gonna do with all that power, huh? No matter how hard you try, you’re never gonna be like father.

Vergil: You’re wasting time!

Dante: We are the sons of Sparda! Within each of us flows his blood, but more importantly, his soul! And now my soul is saying it wants to stop you!

Vergil: Unfortunately, our souls are at odds brother. I need more power!

Dante: And we’re supposed to be twins.

Vergil: Twins... right.

And the two fought with each other, and Vergil was defeated quickly.

Vergil: Am I… being defeated?

Dante: What’s wrong? Is that all you got? Come on get up, you can do better than that.

Then Vergil groaned angrily. Then, a sudden shake is heard.

Vergil: The portal to the Human World is closing. Dante… because the amulets have been separated.

Dante: Let’s finish this Vergil. I have to stop you, even if that means killing you.

The two made the last finishing slash with two of them, but only Vergil was hit. Then, Vergil lose control of standing and dropped the Force Edge and the amulet. He grabbed the amulet and wanted to fall into the Demon World.

Vergil: No one can have this, Dante. It’s mine. It belongs to a son of Sparda!

Vergil: Leave me and go, if you don’t want to be trapped in the Demon World. I’m staying, this place was our father’s home.


As Vergil fell into the Demon World, he recovered his health slowly and managed to see three glowing red orbs in a distance.

Vergil: It’ll be fun to fight with the Prince of Darkness. If my father did it, I should be able to do it too!

Then, Vergil raged towards the thing with a loud war cry.

Special Edition: Mission 1Edit


A cutscene in Mission 1 where Vergil is inside the library.

Arkham: So, you're looking for the book of ancient legends, tale of the Demon warrior Sparda?

Vergil: That's not what I'm looking for. Leave me!

Arkham: Then what ARE you looking for? A demon that impregnates a woman, who then bears twin sons... That's the story, isn't it?

Vergil: Leave me. I won't tell you a third time.

Arkham: People inherently fear evil. However... occasionally, a person may become seduced by evil.

Vergil: What are you getting at?

Arkham: Share with me. The story of Sparda...

Arkham: The activation method is as I described before. It should be a simple matter for you. I will go to his place. I believe that I know where the item we seek is located. You should dispose of any obstacles quickly.

Vergil: It begins...

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