Алексей Бекетов

aka Вергилий

  • I live in РФ, РБ, с.Старобелокатай
  • I was born on March 30
  • My occupation is Механик, студент, писатель, художник и изобретатель.
  • I am Муж.
  • Алексей Бекетов
    • my version: Until the events of DMC4 "Order of the Sword" is broken Yamato and armor and Nelo "converter shower in armor," Agnus uses trial experience on armor and causes the soul of Virgil which partially moved in armor, after she swam near Yamato Order puts hidden demons and experiments on uses them to create a soul that became Angelo serves Order already in DMC4 soul Virgil Nero saving from death, dwell in his hand and a miracle restores Yamato.
    • And then look at the demon behind Nero, it is very similar to Vergil and style of battle and by their appearance
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  • Алексей Бекетов

    Welcome. All good day and good mood, I Alexey Beketov of Russia. I am very big fan of devil may cry's as I write and invent their own stories and for weapons and other Devil May Cry. I am not attracted new DmC which has become so boring, I would gladly took up the creation of the continuation of the series Devil May Cry that deserves its name, but unfortunately I do not have such friends and money. However, this does not bother me to write my own stories until they are in your head, yes, yes, I know ..... But I think everyone has their thoughts on the DMC ...
    If you want to contact me, you are welcome .. my skype vegil_dark_slayer.

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