First off, let me say I love Devil May Cry. I bought the Devil May Cry HD Collection and have been staying up way too late after working overtime every day this week to play it. (Yes, working at a hospital IS that bad.) I love it! It's great! It's like meeting up again with an old friend, only to find out they're exactly how you remember them.

...Except for one little thing. The Devil May Cry I remember was a$$ kickingly hard: So hard I couldn't beat the first boss on Normal Mode, and still struggled with it on Easy. Now I'm practically breezing through it. I'm taking my time and experimenting with attack patterns and gun combinations. I'm taunting my opponents! Last time I played this game, I was too busy trying to survive to taunt!

Then again, the last time I played, I was about 15. I also didn't have DMC3 or 4 to train my skills. It's almost like going back to your old childhood summer camp and realizing that the high dive... really wasn't all that high.

But that doesn't mean I'm disappointed by DMC1. No, far from it. I'm actually quite overjoyed by the experience. There are so many things about this game that I had forgotten about. All the little details, like the "Should I use the Key Item?" cues. In the newer games, they don't bother asking; they're just like, "Okay, you shove the Key Item in the mechanism. Big whoop. Here are some more demons to paste, there's the door. Have at it." So, having to manually select, "Use Key Item" is a bit, nostalgic. Ah, the good old times.

I do, however, miss the ability to select missions from an index. Multiple times I've found myself in a situation where I realized I had missed something and wanted to go back for it. "Wait, I wanted to get that secret mission! Aw, now I have to wait until I finish the game!" Oh well. I'll get it eventually.

What about you guys? What's your most nostalgic aspect of DMC1? Least favorite?

Update: I have now completed DMC on normal mode and I must say: F___ You Mundus. You took 1 Vital Star, 2 Devil Stars, a Holy Water, and an Untouchable to beat! However, I still BEAT YOU! Ha!

Now for Hard Mode... I'll try Hard Mode some other time. I don't have the energy left for that.

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