• Davidhater

    I think articles Majin Form, Perfect Devil Trigger and Sin Devil Trigger should be merged, either to one article or to Devil Trigger article (which is bloated enough imo). Here's my reasoning:

    So, one of the signature DMC series features is Devil Trigger (デビルトリガー debirutorigā), the ability to use demonic powers, main of which is the ability to transform to Devil Form (魔人 majin). The amount of DT powers is measured by synonymous gauge and it's activated by synonymous button.

    Devil (demon) form (魔人 majin or 魔人化 majin-ka) is a demonic appearance (of someone or something that has other appearance), this term has been used in japanese versions since DMC1, notwithstanding the change of majin concept from Devil Arm-based in DMC1 to character-based in DMC2 onw…

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