I'm new to the Devil May Cry wikia so i don't know much i wanted to start a blog on the combos avaliable on the new game of the Devil May Cry franchise DmC Devil May Cry i dont know haow to do the table so i'll just be writing it made on Xbox 360 controls so lets go. DmC Devil May Cry combos firts with Rebellion combos Rebellion Combo A Y+Y+Y+Y Four quick slashes Rebellion Combo B Y+Y_Y+Y+Y+Y+Y Seven hit combo fast and powerful blows the enemy away Stinger most likely to be analog stick in enemy direction plus X Trillion stabs after Stinger can be either mashing the button or relesing the analog stick still don't know yet.Aerial Rave Y+Y+Y+Y four air slashes Roulette Spin Y+Y_ Y the same way it's done in Devil May Cry 4 with Nero.Overdrive most likely to be after any slash hold Y and release tap two more times for Overdrive i think. I omly really know about the way Rebellion works not the other weapons but Arbiter has a second combo which i belive it's done by this input Y+Y_Y. Thanks Guys and i hope to learn more with my time on the wikis

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