Hey everyone,

I just joined this wiki and so far I have found it really interesting, I've been interested in the DMC series for a while now.

it is one of my favorite games and i have made so many friends from playing the game some of which are my best friends to this day and we still enjoy playing and talking about DMC.

Overall i love DMC 5 i think it's an excellent game the character development, the battles, the storyline, the graphics and everything in between is amazing, however, I keep getting asked the question about which characters I liked in this part of the franchise and of course there are the obvious choices of characters like, Nero who was great in this game and Dante who... well duh! (Dante is bae) but... How about V?

I really like V's character in this game now, yes i will say i am biased as a goth and artist that obviously his character design is absolutely brilliant and the hair changes are cool as heck, but aside from that his entire story and development in this game has been really interesting and i really do love this character, however not everyone does.

I think for the most part people did really like V's character but I know that several people didn't which is confusing to me because he had to be introduced at some point to become a part of Vergil and Nero's storyline and to be completely honest i think that the character did the storyline justice.

I mean for crying out loud he is the human part of Vergil and the original self he represents the wisdom and calmness of Vergil's original half, and yes he does spit out a lot of poetry and deep poetic lines which i will admit can become slightly annoying from time and his demon spirit helpers do most of the work before he makes the final kill and recites what can only be described as Edger Allan Poesque poetry but for the most part i do think that V's character is great.

I know i have rambled on quite a bit in this blog post and may have repeated myself a bit and for that i am sorry. 

As i said prior i am new to this wiki and it may take some time to get used to writing, i hope for the most part that this is not too infuriating.

I am very interested in other peoples opinions on V's character and i would really appreciate if you would leave your thoughts on the character below !!!  

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