I'm sure that we can all agree that DMC 5 is an excellent game overall, thus we are on this wiki having conversations and discussing it so often (as well as the other games in the series of course) since its pretty new still.

One thing that I love about the DMC ( and I think that this can be applied to most good video games thus the reason they are popular) is that it means something else to every person, cheesy I know but true.

But you have to agree with me certain video games mean more to other people than others.

That is the reason that we might prefer it, whether its because we can have a deeper appreciation for the character design because we are artist or do freelance artwork or because we appreciate the way the game plays through how it flows and how good the actual playthrough is because we are good at programming or  maybe we can appreciate the story as we have experience with story writing or because the game helps us connect with people and make life long friends.

In my opinion, this is what makes or breaks a game for me if a game is good it will have a good storyline, good character design, good graphics, playthrough and you will be able to talk about the game with friends or make new friends at events or just meeting new people who also enjoy the game.

DMC is important to me i appreciate the great storylines and graphics.

Of course, i really appreciate the character development and design as i design characters myself the artwork and graphics have developed so much and it's so cool to see.

I have made so many friends through the game friends in certain ill have for life and it all started with a love for DMC,

Why do you like DMC? Do these factors affect what you guys think of video games? Do video games mean more to you if they carry these traits? Have you made friends through DMC?

I'd Love to know what you guys think in the comments, let me know what you think and why you like DMC! 
Devil May Cry 5 Wallpaper (Joshin, PC)
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