Yes people, it's Christmas time! And miracles happen! Miracles like a bureaucrat that didn't visit this wiki for possibly years (j/k... although not much) suddenly coming back to life in the only fashion that would be befitting of this place. And who cares that DMC is not about zombies. Presently.

Okay, ahem, Flia stops kidding right now =>

Actual reason for creating this blog: due to me being unfamiliar with the current composition of the community and unable to spend enough time to properly acquaint myself with it, I want for everyone who is willing to carry the burden of being the wiki's almighty janitor admin to post here. I will consider the candidate and, possibly, give out some presents. Simple as that.

Although, for future notes, if a problem arises again where a bureaucrat is nowhere to be found (or I just forget about this blog <.<) and you really, really want to sweep under the carpet some of those images some troll added to post on their userpage, well, there is this link.

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