As you probably noticed, lately I've been tweaking with the Template:Top. It is a template that should display small icons somewhere at the top of the article, like here or here for example. Frankly, I wanted to make it look like here, but for a complicated reason I can't make it work.

To anyone who is interested: I believe that the reason why I can't make it work to the right of the article header is because wiki software places z-index value for header as 2, and for the article content wrapper as 1. Since the div with the icons is a child of the wrapper, it inherits its z-index value. In other words, it doesn't matter if I specify z-index value of the div as 500000; the effective value is still 1. I could probably try using javascript to insert the div into the header, but 1) there ought to be some security measures against this 2) even if it works, I'm sure it will mess up something else.

I really wanted to do it since then I could just leave icons as they are, but now I need to somehow visually separate them from the rest of the article. I made a few very rough sketches of some of my ideas:

Keep in mind that they will most likely be a lot smaller when finished. Right now I really like the monochrome variant, but 1) I'm not sure it will really fit into our wiki design 2) It is sorta stolen. :)

I'd very appreciate any comments and suggestions. If you also have a different idea, describe it to me, and I'll try to make a draft.

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