Hello there. The names Jay. Recently, I've become a new admin for the Devil May Cry wikia on hopes that you have an active administrator. If you've been around, you probably know that. I honestly found it surprising I have it now. I figured it take a while before doing so. But that's okay. I'm here to do whatever I can to help you guys out! So I'll do what I've done on the previous wikia I administer: Ask the community what do you want to see be done on the wikia?

What kind of wikia do you want to be like? Would you wanna be like the Avatar Wikia, in which is known to have every detail? Or for a better comparison, look at the Assassins Creed wikia, in which is a game wikia and is known for the same thing. I know a bit of CSS editing on the wikia. Would you want a complete makeover of the wikia itself? Let me know on the comments section here. I plan to implement my own ideas here too. But since this actually has a active community, I'll be sure to have discussion before doing so. I look forward to working with a community.

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