• LegionZero

    Right now we have 2 ways of documenting commands for movesets.

    The first way is to give each platform its own column

    The 2nd method we have puts all the platform inputs in 1 column and labels each one.

    I suggest we use the 2nd method. It is easier to edit(especially when working with tabbers), and is much more space efficient. We can create icons for each platform as well so take up less space. Thoughts admins? Users?

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  • LegionZero

    Are character relationships complex/rich enough that they need sections explaining them?

    I believe most, if not all the information regarding them is adequately covered in either "Personality" or in the bios.

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  • LegionZero

    I am going to either create a new character infobox or tweak NewInfoCharacter infobox to re-incorporate the game1, game2, etc etc, like the weapon infobox currently does. I will also attempt to add these parameters for Familial relations, titles, and aliases. Some characters(looking at you Dante) have a gajillion titles and it makes the code a jumbled mess.

    I originally removed the game# parameters because i was kind of a jackass and didnt know what i was really doing, believing them to be unnecessary and a hinderence, which they were due to an auto linking feature that broke certain text style inputs, but that will not be included this time around.

    I also believed that simply adding a line break would skip to the next line that turned out t…

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  • LegionZero


    March 20, 2019 by LegionZero

    Due to some recent drama, any and all wiki editors must be logged in to make edits. Hopefully this will put an end to it. I may make the wiki open again sometime in the future.

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  • LegionZero

    I have put restrictions on what I feel would be the most spoiler heavy pages until March 8th. I believed that the prior warnings were enough to avoid spoilers and I didnt want it to come to this but now i realize that leaving these pages open to editing is too "dangerous"

    Only admins/Content moderators can edit the following pages:












    Sparda (Devil Arm)

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