• Meshifuari Arimota

    We've reached 1000 pages!

    It took a long time... This wiki was created in 2006 by the user known as The One Sin... Who is no longer with us (dont worry he's alive.. I think) on the wiki. Then his friend Cato Neimoidia started updating the pages... User known as NeloAngelo also came with the help... Soon other users started developing the wiki, one of them was known as KrytenKoro... 

    KrytenKoro is still sometimes... checking this wiki btw.

    So yea... with the unnecessary introduction... I just wanted to thank all of you guys/gals/devil hunters. 

    I want to thank all of the people..  People who once edited this wiki in the past, those who are editing it now and those who will edit it in the future... When I will be gone.

    Once again, thank all of yo…

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  • Meshifuari Arimota

    Year 2018 was for DMC franchise a really good year... We've got DMC 5 trailer as well as few new members on this wiki.  I really want to thank all of you for allowing this wiki to grow...

    I really want to thank LegionZero, Tlaqh, Akaza, KanameTousen, FxxkAraiz, Dante Demon Killah, MuraiMustDie, Munchvtec and many others for being a part of the DMC community. 

    So Thank you for everything, let the year of 2019 be even better than 2018 ^^!

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  • Meshifuari Arimota

    So yea... V. He's a very mysterious character with unknown origin and backstory. What we do know is that he can summon 3 demons to aid him in battle... What's funny is the fact that these demons are known as:

    • Shadow ,
    • Griffon ,
    • Nightmare 

    which were the names of the Mundus servants and bosses in DMC 1.

    Whats even funnier is the fact that V's face is shattering on a lot of the trailers..... 

    We also know that Mundus was shattering in DMC when he was changing his forms. And the last thing being the fact that on the new trailer V stabbed Dante with Sparda..... 

    So my question to you guys is, what do you think about V as of right now?

    Ah yea also Dante's new DT form..... Your thoughts? 

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  • Meshifuari Arimota

    It's been about 10 years since we've got continuation of the adventures of our fellow demon-hunter Dante.   The long wait has been compeletly turned into regret when DmC came in... and almost killed the franchise. Or that's what I thought was happening.

    There was a lot of leaks about DMC V in the past, but not a single confirmation of it being the truth. And so, starting from the incident in which GameWare listed DMC V as the game you can preorder, the meeting of Dante/Vergil voice actors with Hideaki Itsuno (Creator of DMC2/3/4) and ending on this info about DMC V domain being made, I have a huge hopes about DMC V coming out. 

    Those hopes arent strictly related to having another game in which I can kick some demon asses, no, I hope that DMC…

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