We've reached 1000 pages!

It took a long time... This wiki was created in 2006 by the user known as The One Sin... Who is no longer with us (dont worry he's alive.. I think) on the wiki. Then his friend Cato Neimoidia started updating the pages... User known as NeloAngelo also came with the help... Soon other users started developing the wiki, one of them was known as KrytenKoro... 

KrytenKoro is still sometimes... checking this wiki btw.

So yea... with the unnecessary introduction... I just wanted to thank all of you guys/gals/devil hunters. 

I want to thank all of the people..  People who once edited this wiki in the past, those who are editing it now and those who will edit it in the future... When I will be gone.

Once again, thank all of you for contributing to this wiki. It took us 13 years... but we've finally reached the 1000 pages.

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