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Robohobo2481 Robohobo2481 12 February 2014

demon world

demon world thoughts and it flaws

I think the demon world was an unique area to look at except when you refight the bosses when the rooms textures are inverted, the most notable is Beowulf.(HD collection fixed that).what killed is that when you refight the bosses it moves the difficulty up by one which makes more annoying to complete on hard mode. I can beat the level on hard mode with Dante, but Vergil I find to have a harder time do to is weapons that the boss is weak against. Also this has the hardest secret mission in the game which is platforming knowing how the game is not built for it makes it harder along with rotating blocks and if you fall off you have to do it again good look with Vergil.

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Robohobo2481 Robohobo2481 16 January 2014

the creepiest devil may cry enemy

In my opinion the arachane are the most disturbing enemy in the series. For one there design is creepy, the bold white head,its a spider. Their also the loudest enemy in the series, ranging from there roar and there elephant noise they make when they charge at you.
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