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"I have no name; I am but two days old..." Just kidding. You can call me "V."
—V introduces himself to Dante with a quote from William Blake's "Infant Joy".

V is one of the main protagonists and the third playable character introduced in Devil May Cry 5.[4] A human with demonic ties, V presents himself as Dante's new client to put him on the trail of Urizen and takes Nero as backup insurance. It's revealed later that V is, in fact, the human half of Vergil.


According to Hideaki Itsuno, new characters like V and Nico were the first designs they came up with in the early phase of the game's development.[4] Feeling that DMC5 needed a new protagonist that was completely different from Dante and Nero, Itsuno wanted V to have a very different gameplay style that made players attack and defend separately, and experience a whole new gaming style.[5][6] V's playstyle and how he fights was thought out before any other detail of the character.[7] Itsuno acknowledged that V seems to be a "complex" character to players, but his style makes him a powerful character overall.[8]

Itsuno stated in an interview that V caused the most trouble when creating Devil May Cry 5.[9] There were times where the developers kept wondering if adding V was really necessary due to how difficult it was to develop him.[10]

In an Interview before the game released, Itsuno teased that when creating V's character and story, it was a conscious decision to make sure that V didn't necessarily have a specific relation to Dante and Nero. V's character was based on the game's setting, and the staff was satisfied in how V's inclusion achieved a balance with Dante and Nero.[11] V's character was made to be complicated and flawed, as he is a "representation of humans with both good and bad intentions."[12]

Concept art featured in the artbook has Vergil at first with familiars but then changed in the early stages of V's conception, V was initially planned to be called "Gilver", based off of Vergil's disguise in the Devil May Cry novel. Tatsuya Yoshikawa struggled designing V, who was to be a weak human character, since he was used to drawing characters that looked strong and cool. Many of the early concepts made V look too strong until Yoshikawa started drawing V in a way that conveyed his physical weakness.[13]

V had various different designs during development, including a female design by Daigo Ikeno called "Angelo." Angelo was intended to be Nero's younger sister, while also being the human part of Vergil as in the final concept.[14] However, Ikeno has asserted that V was set to be a male early in development, and that the Angelo design was created for fun rather than serious consideration.



V with his natural white hair.

V is a tall, slender young man with pale skin and dark green eyes. He has chin-length, natural white hair with long bangs swept to the left, which sometimes obscures his eye, but his pact with his demons dyes his hair black and covers his entire upper body and his neck in black tattoos.

V wears a long, open sleeveless leather coat with the sides tied together by strings, inside pockets, and a sewn-in, corset-like vest in the front. He also wears black pants with a silver chain made up of skulls on the right side of his belt and a fingerless glove on his right hand. V sports many accessories, including a tooth pendant around his neck, silver ring on his left middle finger, and a spiked bracelet that crisscross around his left wrist. Unlike most characters in the series, V wears black sandals instead of boots. V carries a silver metal cane, which serves as a weapon and a tool for support since his slowly decaying body making it hard for him to move, and a brown, gold-embroidered book, containing poems by William Blake, with a large "V" insignia in the cover.

DMC5 Dying V

A dying V with cracks all over his body.

When he was separated with Vergil by stabbing himself with Yamato, he was naked and covered in a purple haze as his entire upper body and his neck in black tattoos were quickly formed.

In the second half of the game, V's deteriorating condition caused his skin to become flaky and cracks to gradually form on his skin, showing that he was literally falling apart. In this state, he could barely hold himself up, even with his cane, and required Nero to drag him into the Qliphoth's lowest chambers.


In contrast to the more flamboyant Dante and hot-headed Nero, V is a quiet, calm, and relaxed individual. While V is generally polite to everyone he meets, V is a man shrouded in mystery and does not speak more than necessary, which caused Nero and the others to question if they can trust him. Due to being the human half of Vergil, V possesses all of Vergil's knowledge of the Demon World and often reveals that he knows things that no human should have knowledge of, but does not explain how he attained such information, which only makes others more suspicious of him. Due to his odd appearance, behavior, and abilities, many people often found V to be unsettling and have often questioned if V really is a normal human despite his frail look. Devil May Cry 5: Before the Nightmare

DMC5 V Reading From Book

V reading and quoting from his book.

A distinctive trait of V is his extreme fondness for poetry, as he often recites lines when speaking to people or even enemies, and often by memory alone, to the point where Griffon calls him "Shakespeare" at one point of the game. V greatly treasured his book of poems, as his original self, Vergil, possessed it since he was a young boy. Devil May Cry 5: Before the Nightmare Keeping in line with his original self's personality, V has a dry sense of humor and is not above jokes or finding antics around him amusing. While first introducing himself to Dante quoting Infant Joy, V was being cheekily literal with Dante, as Vergil used Yamato to split himself on May 1 and V met Dante on May 3; therefore, he has been alive for about two days.

Being the human half that Vergil repressed and disdained, V is more in touch with his emotions and is introspective. V often reflects over his "past self", such as remembering how prideful he was in the past and was the type to be irritated at being called a "dead weight". He deemed Urizen to be full of "delusions" while expressing a deal of regret towards his own actions as well. Unlike his former self, who looks down on humans, V has been shown to respect humans and believes that their tenacity to never give up is their best quality. Devil May Cry 5: Before the Nightmare

As he is aware of his limits and capabilities, V has demonstrated to be pragmatic and cautious in how he approaches situations. While confident in his abilities, V is able to tell when a fight with certain demons would be too much for him to handle and would walk away from it or leave it someone else to deal with. While V is willing to do morally questionable things and even outright lie and manipulate his allies, V possessed a genuine desire to save the world from Urizen and help humanity, even at the cost of his own debilitating health. Devil May Cry 5: Before the Nightmare

DMC5 V Showing Anger

V enraged at seeing the Angelos.

Upon seeing Proto Angelo and Scudo Angelo, V's collected demeanor cracked and became enraged at the sight of them due to his memories of Vergil's horrible time as Nelo Angelo. While V was mostly affable towards Dante, Vergil's lingering resentment towards his brother, Dante was still within him and he expressed resentment and hatred towards Dante while he was unconscious. Before re-merging with Urizen, V also revealed that his intense desire of power strongly lingers in him. In V's idle animation, V even runs his hand through his hair, in a way similar to Vergil's habit of slicking back his hair.


DMC5 V birth

V shortly after his birth.

After being freed from Mundus' control, Vergil was able to escape the Demon World, but his body was weakened and was crumbling from going through battle after battle. After tearing off Nero's Devil Bringer in order to regain Yamato, Vergil then returned to his family's burned mansion in Red Grave City. Fueled by his desire to defeat his twin brother Dante and for power without having to be hindered by human thought or emotion, Vergil stabbed himself with Yamato to separate his human half from his demon half, sparking the birth of "V" and "Urizen". Just seconds after his birth, V was able to retain consciousness and witnessed the horrifying formation of Urizen. In addition to being humanly weak, V was also left with four physical manifestations of Vergil's trauma from his time as Nelo Angelo, taking the forms based of Mundus's minions - Griffon, Shadow, Nightmare, Phantom. Devil May Cry 5: Before the Nightmare

V's separation from his original self doomed him with a slowly decaying body, which was barely kept together with the lingering remnants of Vergil's demonic power. Knowing that Urizen plans to gain power from the Qliphoth tree, V vowed to stop the large-scale destruction and hopefully remerge with Urizen before his body completely crumbles.

Devil May Cry 5: Visions of V[]

DMC3 Dante Got to clean up the mess father left behind.

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DMC5 VoV Griffon & V Meeting

V and Griffon's first meeting.

Soon after V's birth, he watched in intense fear of Urizen's manifestation and tried to crawl away, taking note of his frail body and failed trying to strengthen it with demonic power. While fully aware that he will die soon, V admits to himself that he didn't want to die as he found Vergil's book of poems on the floor, causing him to remember his happy childhood with Dante. Hearing V's thoughts, Griffon swept V off the ground and took him outside, dropping him roughly on a pile of garbage and telling V to make a contract with him. Griffon half-jokingly pitched and explained how a contract works to V, but V grew annoyed at Griffon's yapping and shuts his beak. V demanded that Griffon explain himself, who revealed to V that he is the discarded memories of Vergil's time with Mundus that were cut off with Yamato. Griffon explained to V that he will disappear without a host, which was V's part of the contract to fulfill. Since V's body also decaying and he can't return to being Vergil without the power to defeat the demon half, Griffon stated that the two of them have to work together or they will die.

DMC5 VoV V Killing Empusa

V killing an Empusa.

V and Griffon halt their conversation to go into the city and stumbles into a deserted alleyway where they found a young punk mugging an old man. While the punk focused his attention on V, Griffon attacks the punk from behind and knocks him unconscious, allowing V to steal the punk's clothes. As V gets dressed, Griffon restarted their conversation, though V questions why would he need Griffon, angering him since he has been helping V to move around and get him clothes. However, V clarified that he was planning on "using" Griffon and voiced his skepticism of his abilities. While exasperated by V's demeanor, Griffon agreed to prove himself to V, who told him to kill the Empusa that had manifested in the alley. V then watched with an impassive expression as Griffon easily killed the Empusa with a lighting attack, boasting to V if he still thinks that he doesn't need him.

V wondered if the Empusa's appearance in the city is because of Urizen, to which Griffon confirmed and then stated that Red Grave City will likely be infested with demons soon since Urizen is very powerful and has the Yamato. While Griffon chides V for acting arrogant when he can't even protect himself, V picked up his poetry book and stuffed it into Griffon's mouth just to silence him. While V dislikes the thought of teaming up with Griffon, he agreed to work together with him because he doesn't want to die. As the two bicker with one another, the Empusa rose up from the ground and attacked the duo, much to Griffon's shock. Griffon dodges the Empusa and lifts V in the air, questioning why his lightning didn't kill it, to which V's response was that Griffon was not strong enough. When striking it again failed, Griffon suddenly runs out of demonic power, causing his form to become unstable and dropping the both of them back on the ground, Since Griffon was unable to fight, V breaks into a nearby antique store to hide while dragging Griffon inside with him. The Empusa attacked V, pining him down, but Griffon draws its attention. V then reflected on how frustrating it is to be weak and decided to fight too, breaking a glass case to retrieve a cane in the process, and stabbed the Empusa from behind.

DMC5 Manga V Contract With Griffon

V establishing his contract with Griffon.

After going through a great effort, V was able to successfully kill the Empusa, then he collapsed on a nearby couch from exhaustion. While wiping off the demon blood, V wondered why he was able to kill the demon even though Griffon's attack was able to hurt it. V then speculated that it was because of the cane, even though it did not look like a Devil Arm. Griffon explained to V that it is not the cane, but V himself. Griffon deduced that because he is a essentially "dream" without any substance, it is impossible for him to kill anything, but V can and must be the one to deliver the killing blow after he weakens any upcoming groups of enemies in the future. Since it took a lot of effort just to beat a low-level demon, V was doubtful that he could even defeat Urizen in his current state, but Griffon assured V that he shouldn't be ashamed since the both of them are "pathetic" in their own way. When Griffon's form begins to melt on the floor and tells V to make a choice quickly, V reluctantly accepted the fact that he needed Griffon and placed his hand on Griffon's melted form to begin the contract. As Griffon's form wrapped around V's body, Griffon apologized to V for his earlier attitude and then promised to not make fun of him anymore, which V amusingly remarked that he was going to pluck Griffon if he continued to make digs at him. With the contract completed, V gained tattoos on his upper chest and arms while Griffon regained his proper form.

Sometime later, V was plagued by a memory of Vergil's time being tortured by Mundus, but was able to snap out of it, though Griffon poked fun at his pale expression. V was then informed by Griffon that another physical manifestation of Vergil's memories was nearby and urged V to find them before they disappeared. However, V found the task troublesome and was reluctant to find more "annoyances", but Griffon pointed that they urgently need more allies. Griffon explained to V that three more beings took physical form after Vergil cast them out. Although some will likely be aggressive, Griffon believed that some of them would be willing to form a contract with V since they wouldn't want to die. When V asked if they refused to help, Griffon said that they would have to use force to tame them. V spotted a dark human-shape figure in the street, causing Griffon to hide behind V and try to get him to get rid of the person. The figure suddenly morphed its body and attacks them with a large spike, but V was able to block it with his cane. When the figure turned out to be Shadow (another manifestation of Vergil's memories), V questioned Griffon how are they supposed to communicate with Shadow since he couldn't speak human language.

DMC5 Visions of V- Phantom

V is confronted by Phantom.

As Shadow charged at V, he suddenly snatched V's cane and ran away, leaving V confused. Griffon speculated that Shadow might think that the cane could lead him to the Demon World since it smelled like it, but V stated that, according to Griffon, the cane wasn't a Devil Arm. Griffon then clarified his previous statement by saying that the cane was most likely to have been accidentally made with materials from the Demon World, comparing the cane to V since they were both mostly normal things with a little demonic energy, which V didn't appreciate. Using Griffon to fly, V tried to track Shadow for a little while, but had to land in an alley after Griffon reached his limit. They noticed the alley was covered in bugs and noticed Shadow laying on the ground, on verge of vanishing. Before V could help Shadow, a giant, speaking Phantom appeared in front of them and threaten to eat V and Griffon for trying to take his prey.

Picking up his cane, V quips to Phantom that Shadow was their "prey" first as Griffon explained to V that Shadow was in his core state and his normal form should return soon since he not completely out of energy yet. However, Griffon advise V that they should deal with Phantom before handling Shadow. Phantom recognizes V and Griffon, calling the former their "host", since Phantom was a part of Vergil too. V stood silent as Griffon tried to get Phantom to make a contract with him, but the arrogant Phantom hauntingly proclaimed that he will never serve a weakling like V, disparaging V with insults, and stated he would rather die than live bounded by him. Angry at Phantom's insults, V provokes Phantom, saying that he has no need for him, causing the demon to attack him. V and Griffon managed to dodge and hide behind a large rock, dragging Shadow's limp body with them. Griffon scolded V for provoking Phantom, but V nonchalantly commented that peaceful negotiation was a waste of time. Exasperated by situation, Griffon said they cannot handle Phantom and Shadow at the same time, so V must forcefully tame Shadow. Before V could stab Shadow with his cane, Shadow regained consciousness, lashing out at V and clamping his jaw on V's cane. As Griffon attempted to calm Shadow down, V reflected over his interaction with Phantom and realize it's pointless to demand cooperation from Shadow. Letting go of his cane, V directly looked into Shadow's eyes and asked him to make a choice - die or struggle and live - and if Shadow choose to live, then he needs Shadow. Winning Shadow's cooperation, V had Shadow transformed into his appearance and lure Phantom close enough for them to attack him. When Phantom's core was exposed, V stabbed it with his cane, killing the demon spider. While Griffon pointed out that they lose a potential ally, V at least gained Shadow as a familiar. As a show of affection, Shadow pounced on V and licked his face, much to V's disgust and Griffon's amusement.

After Shadow finished licking him, Shadow initiated the contract ritual with V and transformed into a semi-liquid state to warps around V's body, with Griffon explaining Shadow's actions to V. In a mental landscape, V connected with Shadow's mind and received another affectionate lick from the demon. As more tattoos appeared on his body, V experienced another memory of Vergil's time with Mundus, causing V to feel emotional and mental pain. V contemplated how much he hates reliving the memories and never wanted to see them again, but knew he needed more power to beat Urizen and must find a stronger familiar. Griffon remarked that V lost a major ally in Phantom, which was why V shouldn't had picked a fight with him, though he admitted that Phantom wouldn't cooperate with them even if V forcefully tamed him. Griffon warned V that all of them weren't very strong individually, so they must work as a team and V cannot be reckless. Ignoring Griffon's lecture, V stuffed his cane into his mouth and asked the demon bird if there was more powerful "nightmare" left he form a contract with. When Griffon's nervously confirmed that there was one more, V was curious about his behavior, but Griffon just told V to do what he tells him. Arriving to an abandoned church, V paid no attention to Griffon's persistent protests to leave this particular demon alone and entered the church. After stepping in some dark slime, V gazed in awe as the gigantic Nightmare manifested before him. While sweating in fear and a very scared Griffon pleading to him to run away, V was impressed by Nightmare and remained determined to have it as a familiar.

V standing in front of the giant, cracked head of Mundus while inside of Nightmare's illusion world

V seeing the bust of Mundus in Nightmare's illusion

Griffon explained to V that while the original Nightmare had the power to destroy the Demon World, it did not have a will of its own, and it will only obey its master, stressing V was completely unable to communicate with the Nightmare made from Vergil's memories. With Nightmare blocking the door, V and Griffon cannot run away. When Griffon questioned V if he had a plan, V told him that he wanted to gauge Nightmare's power and sends Shadow to attack. Before Shadow could land a blow, Nightmare quickly impale Shadow, leaving him in his core form, much to V's surprise. As Nightmare prepares to fire its laser beam, V quietly stared in amazement as Griffon panicked. While V was able to barely dodged the laser, Griffon takes a direct hit and reverts to his core form, leaving V without any form of protection. Seeing how powerful Nightmare was, V admitted that confronting Nightmare was a mistake. Using its sludge-like tendrils, Nightmare captured V and engulfed him into its body. As V falls down a dark abyss, V had his cane taken away by Nightmare. V eventually landed in dark, watery area with a giant, cracked statue of Mundus in front of him. V then saw Vergil wearing Nelo Angelo's armor emerging from the ground and grabbing onto V, causing V to realized that appearance of Nelo Angelo and everything else around him was just a "worthless dream".

When Nelo Angelo grabbed V by the neck, V tried to banish it away since he knew it was an illusion, but it didn't work. When Nelo Angelo placed his hand on V's head, V was shown memories of Mundus, Trish, and other moments from Vergil's time as Nelo Angelo. Disturbed by these memories, V didn't have time to process these memories due to an illusion of Dante manifested and shoot Nelo Angelo in the head, which greatly surprised him. When the area started to dissolve, V fell deeper into the mental abyss and met with Nightmare's consciousness, which as took the form of a giant eye. Realizing everything he saw was Nightmare's doing, V questioned why Nightmare was showing him these illusions, believing that Nightmare was mocking him for his weakness and telling him that he, as Vergil, was inferior to Dante. With his hand upon Nightmare' eye, V channels his demonic energy onto it, causing the area began breaking apart as Nightmare's body in the real world began to emanate light beams from the inside. Plunging his hand into Nightmare's core, V grabs hold of it, making Nightmare's body crumble in the real world and release V from its slime. As he held its core, V stood victorious at overcoming Nightmare's illusions.

V returning Nightmare's core

V returning Nightmare's core

While Griffon insists he kill Nightmare since it won't listen to him, V does not respond and even showed no reaction at Nightmare's reforming into a skull-like shape to intimidate him. When numerous demons appeared outside the church, V stayed focus on Nightmare and remained deep in thought, ignoring Griffon's attempts to get his attention and the danger they were in. When Nightmare suddenly formed spikes to threaten V, he remained completely unfazed by Nightmare's intimidation tactics. V stated to Nightmare that he knows it wants its core and handed it back to him, much to Griffon's confusion. Nightmare then impaled V from behind, but V didn't not reaction in fear and calmly explained to the demon bird that he did not give back Nightmare's core, rather he "bestowed" it. Looking directly into Nightmare's eye, V remarked that it should recognize him as its master because Nightmare belonged to him. This seems to resonate with Nightmare, who withdrew in spike from V and started the contract ritual, causing more tattoos appear on V's body and his wounds to heal. After Nightmare reformed itself into a smaller golem-like body, V ordered Nightmare to kill the invading demons. However, Nightmare's power took a toll on V, causing him to abruptly fall to the ground seemingly paralyzed and making his three familiars to dissolve back onto his body.

After losing consciousnesses, V dreamed of being in Sparda's mansion, appearing pristine and functional as music played in the background. Upon looking at a book, V concluded that he was experiencing an memory from Vergil's childhood, remembering that he was really laying on the abandoned church's floor after using up all his demonic power. V reflected on how powerful Nightmare is, deeming him the strongest of his familiars and could allow him to beat Urizen. However, V realizes that the demonic power in his body isn't enough to sustain Nightmare for a long time, only for a few seconds, and believed it's foolish to battle Urizen with that limitation. Unable to seek out more familiars, V lamented that he underestimated his abilities and proclaimed that everything he did so far is pointless since he can't defeat Urizen. Upset by his situation, V then started to laugh in a bitter, self-deprecating manner before calming down and bemoaned how everything he done so far was in vain. V's emotions caused his surroundings to change, transforming the mansion into its ruined state after Mundus's attack on it. V acknowledged that he's weak, causing him to be suddenly taken into a dark, watery space. While annoyed he was pulled away from his peaceful memories, V noticed Vergil's poetry book beside him and wondered why he took the book with him. V recited some lines from the book, particularly drawn to the word "eternity", causing him to ponder if there was any moment in his life so far that he wished to be everlasting. V warily remarked on how Vergil threw away emotional sentiments in exchange for power. When an illusion of Yamato and a mirror appeared in front of him, V saw a reflection of Dante looking back at him. V openly contemplated why Vergil lost to Dante even though they are twins born with the same bloodline and power, acknowledging that he made a mistake that caused Vergil to lose to him. As the mirror shattered, V woke up to Griffon's screams, who thought V was dead, and explained to him that he just ran out of power. Griffon warned V not to use his power recklessly since it means the death of the familiars too. Griffon then complained to V about the Nightmare's summoning limitation and how there are no more "nightmares" for V to find, admitting that V wouldn't be able to handle it even if there were since he was already at his limit. When asked about their next move, V thought about Dante and told Griffon recruiting Dante for help was the surest way to defeat Urizen.

V recalls himself and Dante receiving their halves of the Perfect Amulet

V recalls himself and Dante receiving their halves of the Perfect Amulet

After getting back in the more populous part of Red Grave City, V rested on a bench and sent Griffon to find out when the next train was scheduled to leave. V took the time to reflect over Dante's previous achievements as a Devil Hunter, deeming him the strongest one of them all. Once Griffon reported to him that there was time before the train would depart and asked questions about how V planned to face Dante, V stated that he won't reveal his origins to Dante since Dante won't even recognize him anymore, as he doesn't physically look like Vergil and will just request Dante's help. Amused at the thought of hiding their identities, Griffon told V he'll need a pseudonym, but V was indifferent to the idea and told to come up with one, which lead the demon bird to jokingly give suggestions based on V's slender physique. V decided to be called "V", using the poetry book's "V" insignia as inspiration, much to Griffon's exasperation. As he tiredly stood up, V realized that he was hungry and hit his cane against Griffon's beak after Griffon suggested that he'd catch mice for V. When Griffon explained he doesn't know what humans eat, V pointed out that procuring food, train tickets, and getting Dante's help would all require money, which he didn't have. V resolved to steal money, preferably from someone rich so they don't have to exert themselves doing it multiple times, which Griffon agreed with and hoped they could find a good target soon since they don't want to cause a ruckus. In an alley, V and Griffon spotted a young woman being robbed by a trio of men. Seeing the burglers had a gun, Griffon advised V not to get involved since he would die if he got shot and urged him to run away. Upon witnessing the robbers demand that the woman hand over her oval gem necklace, which was memento of her mother, V recalled a memory of Eva giving a young Vergil and Dante their halves of the Perfect Amulet. V then attempted to help the woman, but ended up tripping over some garbage cans since his body was still weak from the lack of nutrition.

The one of robbers confronted V and questioned his presence in the alley, which V cautiously explained he was passing by. When he attempted to get up with his cane, the robber kicked the cane away from V and demanded that he hand over his money. While V stated that he doesn't have money, the robber believed V was lying and pointed his gun at V's head. Noticing Griffon watching above, V asked the robber to let him go since he doesn't want to get shot, but the robber refused until V handed over any money to him. V warily warned the robber to let him go before any real trouble started, but received a pistol whip across the face that caused his nose to begin bleeding as a result. While the robber mocked V, Shadow suddenly skewered the robber's hand, causing him to drop the gun, and sent him flying into the wall. As Shadow protectively manifested into a large spiked ball over his master, V calmly states the robbers had made Shadow angry. Frightened by Shadow's appearance, the other two robbers drew their guns, but Shadow quickly attacked and brutally skewered them to the wall as well. Afterwards, V took the opportunity to take their money as Griffon flew down to complain that money wasn't enough for what they need. V remarked that his cane gave thieves the impression that V was weak and compelled them to attempt to attack him, so they didn't have to worry about finding people to steal from. However, Griffon disagreed with that idea since it was too dangerous for V, but V stated things should be fine as long as they can stop thieves before they cause any trouble. Once Shadow released the robbers from his spikes, V mocked them for their groans of pain. Upon noticing the jewel necklace on the ground, V picked it up as Griffon asked if it was worth anything. The woman, who witnessed V's entire confrontation with the robbers, was frightened of V and begged him to stay back. Not wanting to scare her any further, V dropped her necklace near her, telling Griffon it wasn't worth anything, and walked away.

After taking the train to the city, V hunts for J.D. Morrison by investigating bars that he likely frequents, but all the leads he was given turned out be a bust and he was badgered by thieves along the way. After dealing with three men, V also took a break to eat a burger, though he didn't enjoy it since he disliked getting his hands messy. V questioned Griffon if he really knew where to find Morrison, which the demon bird had no real answer to. With their latest lead being Grue's Cellar, V hoped to find Morrison soon and that the money he collected so far will be enough. When Griffon inquired why V was going through all the trouble to find Morrison when he already knew where Dante's shop was, V explained he wants to conceal their identities as much as possible. While continuing on their search, Griffon brought up the possibility of what they would do if Dante can't defeat Urizen, causing V to admit that he hasn't thought about that scenario. V remarked that it was Vergil's wish to beat Dante and was the reason why V was discarded in the first place, but V proclaimed he is more scared of dying than anything else and had faith that Dante won't lose. Suddenly, a man appeared and held a knife to V's neck in an attempt to rob him, but V remained unfazed as Griffon quickly dealt with the man. Finding Grue's Cellar, V contemplated what would happen if Dante did lose and thought about Nero, whom was left gravely injured after Vergil took his Devil Bringer. However, V dismissed Nero and believed him to be too weak as a back-up plan compared to Dante. V then entered Grue's Cellar, a nearly empty tavern where Morrison was seated with an unidentified person who was passed out across the table from him. Morrison proceeded to leave his seat in order to greet V and offered him an apology, stating that this place was reserved for the day. V did not acknowledge this and instead confirmed that he was talking to Morrison before stating that he needs to speak with Dante.

V Introduces himself to Dante

V Introduces himself to Dante

A short time after his conversation with Morrison, V chose to wait outside of Devil May Cry while Morrison told Dante that there was a job for him with cash upfront, something Dante was excited to hear as he had overdue bills to pay. During this time, Griffon questioned V as to why they hadn't gone inside yet, suggesting that V is nervous about seeing Dante again and advising him to act 'un-Vergil' to avoid suspicion, such as making a joke. Griffon then wished V luck and disappeared back into his tattoos as V entered Devil May Cry. Morrison then leaves the two of them alone, telling Dante that he would be going to recruit Lady and Trish as this would be a big job and he'd be needing help, which Dante took immediate offense to. After Morrison had left, Griffon spoke up from inside V's head to comment that Dante had gotten older and teased V, suggesting that he may look more dignified were he to grow a beard. When V mentally responded that he thought Griffon had left, Griffon tells him that he was worried V would get flustered in front of Dante, which V refuted. Dante—unaware of Griffon and V's conversation—then asked V for his name, which V responded to by quoting, "I have no name; I am but two days old", a line from William Blake's "Infant Joy". He adds that he's kidding and that Dante can call him "V". Dante then asked for more information, which V answered by stating that a powerful demon is going to resurrect.

Dante found this funny, laughing and saying that he's often told that a demon is exceptionally strong, but none of them proved to be very impressive. V responded by saying that this demon is special and is Dante's "reason for fighting". When prompted by Dante for the demon's name, V told him "Vergil". This caused Dante to become angry, telling V that he's used to people lying to him when they hire him for a job and that he doesn't get angry every time it happens, but that V needs to pick a better name if he's going to lie to him about it. Dante's rage worried Griffon, however V is relieved that Dante hasn't changed at all and tells him that it's fine if Dante doubts him as the truth will reveal itself after demons destroy Red Grave. Dante's rage seemed to subside slightly as he questioned the location, which V responded to by saying it seems that Dante is starting to believe him and that he should look forward to it, as Vergil will be a strong opponent. Leaving Dante in thought, V began to move around the office and noticed the photo of Eva kept on Dante's desk, which he promptly became irritated by and turned away from.

Meanwhile, Morrison was out recruiting Trish who was busy killing demons up on a rooftop. She was initially disinterested in helping, stating that she wouldn't get a turn to fight with Dante there. However she became spiteful when Morrison shared what Dante said about not needing her there, prompting Morrison to comment on how fired up she'd become and asking her again if she'd be taking the job.

Some time afterwards, V, Dante, Trish, Lady, and Morrison have arrived in Red Grave City via helicopter, where the Qliphoth had already grown to a massive size and had amassed a large number of onlookers. As they were walking up to it, Lady asked for the name of the demon they were hunting. Dante referred to V for an answer, much to Griffon's amusement, and V gave the group the name "Urizen", which was decided on earlier between himself and Dante as it was both more fitting for the situation and it allowed Dante to avoid talking to the others about Vergil. Dante tells everyone to remember the name for him as they go inside of the Qliphoth.

V senses Urizen's current power

V senses Urizen's current power

While Lady and Dante were commenting on the Qliphoth's disgusting smell, V was silently distracted by Trish. Griffon began to communicate with V via their shared thoughts, mentioning that V looked as though he'd remembered something bad and saying that he can't blame him given their present company. Receiving no reaction to a joke he'd made about having goosebumps despite being a different species of bird, Griffon then proceeded to remind V that they need to win the upcoming fight against Urizen and that V needs to be the one to deal the final blow, which V responded to by saying he knows. As V was taking another step forward he was forced to stop, suddenly aware and overcome by the intensity of Urizen's current power. He realized that Urizen has become significantly stronger than he was anticipating and imagines corpses forming in a puddle at his feet to pull on his legs, preventing him from moving any further forward. Griffon was able to snap him out of it by asking if V needed to pee. V then has the thought that they won't be able to defeat Urizen like this and that Urizen has become stronger even than Dante. The group now noticed that V had fallen behind, temporarily stopping a few feet ahead; Dante called back to V to tell him that there's no shame in running away if this is too much for him, which V struggled with for a brief moment before agreeing that Dante was right and heading back the way they'd came. Griffon was startled by this decision, flying after V and asking if they were really leaving to which V responded that one should always have an insurance policy. This did not comfort Griffon, who continued to yell after V while the others continued their way forward towards Urizen with Dante thinking about how he'll be able to confirm with his own eyes if this demon really is Vergil.

Griffon, who was still yelling, demanded to know if V meant Nero when he mentioned an insurance policy and insisted that Nero would be completely useless given he was now lacking an arm. V explained that it would still be better to have him than not, as the blood of Sparda in Nero's veins made him more useful than V by default. Griffon argued further, bringing up the possibility of Urizen killing Dante while they're out fetching Nero; V tells him that this won't happen—he thinks. Griffon, having noticed V's uncertainty, questioned if the situation is worse than V originally thought, though V did not answer him. Having now exited the Qliphoth, V made his way towards the helicopter where Morrison had been waiting, his approach prompting a comment from Morrison on their quick work and a question of Dante's whereabouts. V told him that Dante was inside and ordered that he send the helicopter now, responding that the destination was Fortuna when Morrison asked where it needed to be sent.

The helicopter was able to take V into Fortuna, however the pilot was uncertain where they would be landing due to Fortuna's lack of a heliport. V responded to the request to hold tight while a spot was found by jumping directly out of the helicopter without a parachute and scaring the pilot.

V and Griffon mocking Nero in his hospital room

V and Griffon mocking Nero

At this same time Nero was asleep in his hospital bed and experiencing a nightmare: the memory of how a hooded stranger had appeared in his garage while he'd been working on the van and proceeded to attack him, ripping the arm containing Yamato clean off. As he startled awake he was greeted by V, who was now standing in front of the window in Nero's hospital room. When Nero responded by jumping into a crouched position on his bed, prepared for a fight, V observed that Nero's body seemed to be performing fine despite his injury. He then explained that the front door had been closed so he'd opted to come in through the window and that if he had meant to harm Nero he would have done so before Nero had woken up. Upon being questioned by Nero regarding his identity, V informed him that he knows the demon that stole Nero's arm, which Nero responded to by questioning how V would know that. V answered by saying that he's a devil hunter who has been chasing this demon for a long time and hired Dante for help, however he had underestimated the demon's power. Nero is asked to come with V to join the fight as Dante may not be able to handle it alone, which Nero responded to by telling him that he's a crappy comedian. Instead of arguing, V instead summoned Griffon where the bird proceeded to throw himself at Nero to call him an idiot. Griffon is snatched out of the air by Nero and Nero observes that Griffon is a demon while Griffon yells at him to let him go. V interrupted, stating that there was little time to spare and that Nero should come with him, baiting Nero by asking if he lacks confidence without his arm. Griffon chimed in to further mock Nero only to once again get himself snatched.

The two of them arrived at Nero's garage a short time later where Nero had V wait while he got his coat and weapons, with Griffon and V both reminding him that they're running short on time. Nero made the decision not to tell Kyrie anything and joined V outside of his garage as they waited for the Helicopter to pick them up. Nero was concerned about it waking up everyone asleep inside the house and told V not to let the helicopter come too close, which V responded to by telling him he has no way of contacting the pilot and that Nero should try jumping up there to speak with the pilot himself. They then sat in silence while Griffon spoke to V within his mind, insisting that V should try and be friendly with Nero as that's either Vergil or Dante's kid and families should get along. V responded by telling Griffon that he found the idea foolish, as were it not for the situation at hand he'd have no reason to be interacting with Nero in the first place and that Sparda's bloodline is doomed to fight to the death.

While they sat and waited for their ride, Dante had made it to Urizen and found both Trish and Lady already knocked unconscious.

Devil May Cry 5: Before the Nightmare[]

DMC5 V Meeting Dante

V meeting Dante.

Knowing Urizen's resurrection is nearing, V goes to Grue's Celler to find J.D. Morrison in order to get into contact with Dante. Before entering the bar, V assaulted a random man with Griffon in order to obtain money to pay for Dante's services. Upon meeting Morrison, V asked him to take him to Dante and hands him the bloodstained money. Although wary of V and Griffon, Morrison accepts the payment, especially due to wanting V and Griffon not hurting more people just to collect more cash and takes them to Devil May Cry. At the shop, V waited outside the office with Griffon while Morrison spoke to Dante first. Griffon questioned if V was nervous meeting his "brother" for the first time in years and remarked that Dante shouldn't be able to recognize V as Vergil, but encouraged him to act differently from Vergil just in case, suggesting V to tell a joke before dissolving back into tattoos on V's body. Once he entered the shop, V introduced himself to Dante and explained that he wants him to stop a powerful demon that is about to be resurrected in Red Grave City. While Dante is confident that V's job would be easy, V claimed to Dante that this demon is much different from the others he fought before because the demon is Dante's "reason for fighting" - his brother Vergil. V's revelation caused Dante go into a stunned silence, giving time to V pondered over Dante's reaction. When Dante showed a furious reaction and let out his demonic aura, V was secretly elated yet frightened by Dante's strong reaction, pleased that Dante hadn't change since he defeated Vergil years ago. V calmly explained to Dante that he doesn't mind if he doubts him because once Red Grave City is demonized, he'll know the truth. At the mention of his old home, V saw that Dante was already starting to believe him and warned him that the city will be in danger soon, so Dante should keep an eye on the news. When V turned his back to Dante, V was pleased how Dante was being lured in, but V's mood quickly soured when he spied Eva's picture on Dante's desk. Devil May Cry 5: Visions of V

A few days later, Morrison provided a helicopter to take V and Dante to Red Grave City with Trish and Lady, which V was grateful for. Upon arriving inside Qliphoth tree, V hopes to attack Urizen before he is fully resurrected, but realized that Urizen had awakened as they were traveling up the tree. Noticing how V was staring at Trish, Griffon telepathically spoke with V, worrying if Dante and the girls would kill them if they find out the truth. Griffon also reminded V that he must give Urizen the killing blow before Dante. Suddenly, V sense Urizen's demonic power, amazed and frightened by how much stronger he became since their separation, and hallucinated a vision of slug-like skulls haunting him. Distressed, V realized that Urizen was much stronger than Dante and his plan was likely to fail. Devil May Cry 5: Visions of V When V openly express his concerns over the situation, Dante ordered him to leave, believing him to be "dead weight" if he can't handle the mission. While frustrated by Dante's comment, V pragmatically complied with Dante's words, much to Griffon's shock. Unsure of the chances of his allies in defeating Urizen, V wants to get Nero as "insurance", despite knowing Nero's Devil Bringer arm was recently ripped off and Griffon's own protests. Using the helicopter, V quickly arrived at Fortuna and found Nero at the hospital just as he awoke from his coma. After introducing himself, V explained to Nero that it was Urizen that stole his arm and he hired Dante to subdue him. V asked Nero to join them and goads him by pointing out Nero's wounded pride. Although Nero was suspicious of V, Nero agreed to help him to get his arm back.

DMC5 Nero Morrison V

V with Nero and Morrison.

After getting Nero's gear, V and Nero return to the Qliphoth tree and spotted Dante fighting Urizen from a distance. V warned Nero not to underestimate Urizen since he gained a lot of power after taking Nero's Devil Bringer. V went ahead of Nero, using Shadow's ability to carry himself since moving was becoming more difficult for V due to his decaying body. V and his familiars dealt with demons coming from the tree to make things easier for Nero. Once Nero caught up with them, V told him to go ahead and leave the other demons to him. When V and Griffon arrived at Urizen's throne room, V saw Nero and Dante struggling to beat Urizen as the ground began shaking. Dante yelled for them to run while he holds Urizen off, though V had to drag a stubborn Nero out the cavern, who insisted on staying and helping. When debris blocked the path to Urizen, the two met up with Morrison and told him what happened as tentacles started sprouting from the group and attacking people. While Nero wanted to fight, V demanded he retreats and revealed that the world will end after a month. V encouraged Morrison not to lose hope and Nero to get stronger since he is the only person that can defeat Urizen besides Dante. V and Nero agreed to meet up again in a month, with Nero returning to Fortuna to train. V choose to stay in Red Grave City, lying to Nero that he will be collecting information in the meantime.

As the days passed, V observed the Qliphoth tree growing bigger as it sucks more human blood. Griffon then suggested that V should evacuate the city to slow Qliphoth's growth, but V rejected the idea because he didn't believe anyone would listen to him and he did not have the authority or time to organize a city-wide evacuation. While V tried his best within his capabilities, he felt great regret about not being able to do more. When Griffon questioned if Nero will return, V commented that Nero isn't the type to accept a "losing streak", causing an amused Griffon to quip about it where Nero's inherited that attitude from. V contemplated over his beloved book of poems, which echoes the Qliphoth's nature. V bitterly recalled his former self's delusions and how he lied to Nero since he already knew everything about Urizen. Although he wanted to avoid too much movement since his body was eroding, V resolved to help the humans and to minimize the damage as much as possible until Nero returns.

Devil May Cry 5[]

Tumblr pnuoi5kItb1shudj1 540

V killing Goliath with his cane.

Once a month had passed, V called Nero to set a meeting place so they plan their next move. V arrived to their rendezvous point just as Nero was finishing battling Goliath. V uses Shadow on the weakened Goliath and dealt the final blow before Nero could kill him. After bantering a little bit, Nero asked if he knows if Dante was still alive at the Qliphoth tree. V calmly stated that if Dante was still up there then he would likely be Qliphoth pollen by now and explained what the Qliphoth does to Nero. While Nero wants to go straight to the tree to save Dante, V stopped him and informed that they must take care of the Qliphoth roots first. When Nico arrived in the Devil May Cry RV, V meets her for the first time and went inside to plan their next move. V and Nero agreed to split up to cover more ground and meet up with each other at the base of the Qliphoth tree. V then silently watched in amusement as Nico bickered with Nero and Griffon before taking his leave.

DMC5 V Defeats Elder Geryon Knight

V stands victorious after defeating Elder Geryon Knight.

On the streets, Griffon questioned V if he believed Nero could defeat Urizen, but V stated that they can only hope that Nero could. A swarm of Empusa soon appeared before V and his familiars, with Shadow ready to fight and Griffon wanting V to run away due his frail condition. However, V chooses to fight and destroy as many Qliphoth roots as he could. Eventually, V encountered Nidhogg and quickly dealt with him. Soon after, V noticed the gigantic Gilgamesh and decided to leave it alone, knowing that it was beyond his current capabilities. However, Gilgamesh spotted V and attacked him, plunging him into the city's underground tunnels. As V destroyed more Qliphoth roots on his way out, V attacked Gilgamesh's legs that were protruding from the ceiling above. V briefly bumped into Nero, who was fighting Gilgamesh topside, and told him that he'll leave Nero to deal with Gilgamesh. Upon returning to the surface, V spied on Cavaliere Angelo being ordered by Malphas, who is the second-in-command of Urizen, to find Sparda's sword and destroy it. After Malphas left, V confronted Cavaliere Angelo, expressing recognition of it and mockingly promised to be "gentle" with it. While V was able to kill Elder Geryon that Cavaliere Angelo rode on, Cavaliere Angelo escaped from V due to tiring himself out. V soon wished to find the Sparda Devil Arm to raise their chances of beating Urizen. When Griffon pointed out that V was not strong enough to wield the sword, V stated that Nero might be able to do it. Noticing a fragment of Elder Geryon on the ground, V picked it up and returned to the RV.

DMC5 V Speaking To Nero

V telling Nero about his childhood.

V entered the RV just as Lady, who was rescued earlier by Nero, were telling the others what happened after V and Nero left the tree a month ago. V politely greeted Lady and handed Nico the demon fragment to make a new Devil Breaker for Nero. Since the road to the Qliphoth tree was blocked by debris, V and Nero decided to travel the rest of the way on foot. While they went on different underground paths, V and Nero met again on the surface and were confronted by a Proto Angelo and small army of Scudo Angelos. Recalling Vergil's time as Nelo Angelo, V grew angry at the sight of the Angelos and proceeded to battle them alongside Nero on their moving battlefield. V and Nero finished the fight before their platform went over a cliff, landing in an area that V recognized to be where Vergil and Dante's old family home resided. V nostalgically and cryptically shared his childhood memories to Nero before stating that they must part ways because V wanted to find the Sparda sword. While Nero warned V that the sword would be too much for V to handle, V shrugged it off and said that they need all the help they can get, much to Nero's puzzlement.

2019-04-18 (19)

V about to impale an unconscious Dante to wake him up from his coma.

V sent Griffon to scout the area and, upon hearing his reports of nearby demons "dancing", figured that the Sparda sword was nearby. After fighting off a Behemoth and other lesser demons, V sensed the sword's presence and was led to a group of Nobodies worshiping it, which V mocked them for. After dealing with them, V retrieved the sword and tried to lift it, only to fail. While Griffon playfully teased him, V believed that Nero was the only one left that could wield it just as Shadow alerted V to a fortunate find - a comatose Dante, whose presence had been concealed by the sword. While initially relieved to see Dante, V was overcome with rage and attempted to stab Dante with Sparda, ignoring Griffon's pleas to snap out of his trance. However, V only attempted to stab Sparda near Dante's head, which was able to shock Dante's instincts enough to wake up him from his coma.

DMC5 V Talking To Trish

V revealing his origins to Trish.

When Dante remarked that he believed that V was going to stab him, V explained that stabbing or at least attempting to stab him was the only way to wake him up since Dante could be "stubborn". V updated Dante on the fact that he's been in a coma for a month and Nero was on his way to fight Urizen again even as they speak. Dante demanded that V leave Nero out of their mission, but V retorted that if Dante could beat Urizen alone, then he would never have to use Nero. V lamented how Nero was useless during their first attempt at Urizen, but Dante cut him off and started to leave. V tried to stop Dante, but fell to the ground and noticed that his body was starting to deteriorate. Although it became harder to move his body, V rushed after Dante and eventually caught up to him, but Dante quickly departed and left him with a unconsciousness Trish to take care of. V sent Griffon to follow Dante while he stayed behind to look after Trish and read his book until she woke up. When Trish began asking questions about Urizen's origins and V's identity, V explained to Trish about his birth and the truth of Urizen. V told Trish that he seeks to right "Vergil's" mistakes and asked her if he was foolish for thinking Dante could help him atone, seemingly looking to Trish for maternal assurance due to her resemblance to Eva. However, Trish does not answer his question and told him that he had a duty to see Dante's war through to the end.

DMC5 Dante Nero V

V with Dante and Nero in the Qliphoth tree.

V and Trish traveled to the Qliphoth tree, but when the ground began rising due to the Qliphoth completing its emergence in the Human World, V nearly fell off a cliff if it weren't for Trish grabbing his hand. At the base of the Qliphoth, V and Trish reunited with Dante and their other allies. V explained to Dante that Urizen was at the top of the tree and insisted that he allow Nero to join them since they are running out of time. However, Dante decreed that all three of them should go their separate ways and left before V or Nero could interject. V fights his way through the tree and briefly encountered Dante and Nero on the way, only for them to get separated after the ground collapsed. V had Griffon slow his descent and carried him for a short time before he exhausted himself.

DMC5 V Losing His Familiars

V losing his familiars.

Although his body continued to slowly crumble and movement became more difficult, V was grimly determined to go Urizen's location. V came across an area with strange rocks, which deprived him of his familiars and rendered him unconscious, and was ambushed by Malphas's illusions. Malphas threw V into pocket planes of the Demon World, which he surprisingly discovered was healing his body. V was forced to recovered his familiars one by one and battle against mirages of Goliath, Artemis, and Cavaliere Angelo. Upon exiting the pocket plane, V soon found Malphas again, but he acknowledged that he didn't have the strength to fight her. As he tried to figure out a way past her, he accidentally alerted Malphas of his presence and shrunk back in fear, but was saved by Nero's timely arrival. While Nero battled her, V tossed Nero some Devil Breakers he was holding on to so he can have a better chance in fighting against Malphas. After defeating the demon, V thanked Nero for his help and tried to proceed onward to Urizen's location. Seeing how V's body was badly deteriorating, Nero told to get him some rest, but V begged Nero to take him to Urizen as his last request, which he reluctantly agreed to. As they made their way onward, V revealed to Nero that Urizen was really Dante's older brother Vergil, much to Nero's shock. When Nero questioned why the brothers would fight, V explained that it was because they disagreed on their reason for existing and fought each other to adhered their own beliefs, though Nero found it all ridiculous.

DMC5 V & Urizen

V speaking to Urizen before reemerging with him.

In the aftermath of Dante's victory against Urizen, V and Nero arrived to the scene and V finally decided to serve his own purpose to confront Urizen in his weakened state. While Dante warned him to get away, V told him that he wanted to finish the fight with his own hands. Climbing on top of Urizen's chest, V advised Urizen not to struggle since he already lost, who only proclaimed his desire to have more power. V stated that even though he and Urizen had lost each other, they are connected by that one feeling. As he began reciting William Blake's "Love & Harmony" poem (relating to the relationship between V and Urizen), V stabbed Urizen with his cane before Dante could stop him. As a result, both V and Urizen became engulfed inside a blue light as they both merged back into one person - Vergil.

After Dante's brief clash with Vergil, V was mentioned by Nero when he inquired what happened to V, to which Dante informed him that V had reunited with Urizen and turned back into Vergil, and during the final battle between both Nero and Vergil as father and son. In the aftermath of the entire incident, the only things V left behind was his familiars, who chose not to merge back and died fighting against Dante's hands; his cane, which his familiars used as a focal point for Nightmare. After Vergil's fight with Nero, he gave V's poetry book to Nero.

According to Matt Walker, Vergil's World of V skill represents that V himself is still technically part of Vergil, rather than him fading completely into Vergil's self upon his reunion with Urizen.

Powers and Abilities[]


Oooh, genius, says "be careful." Yeah, no shit, Shirley! Ain't that right, V? I mean you ARE fragile at the moment. Wouldn't take much to wipe you out in a sticky situation.
Main article: V's Cane

V using Royal Fork.

V uses his unique cane in battle only to perform singularly strong strike to finish off enemies who have sustained enough damage. According to Nico, his cane is forged with a metal ideal for channeling demonic energy, such as the attack called "Royal Fork" where he summons several copies of his cane and rains them down on enemies, as well teleport to enemies using his cane as beacon in a flash of blue energy. V can proceed to strike the target down with his cane as well as perform a double jump upon stepping on an enemy. Upon finishing demons off, V seems to use his cane to absorb the power of defeated demons, enhancing the strengths of his familiars with it. Finally, V can also enter a state similar to Devil Trigger, which causes the black ink in his hair to disappear, revealing his natural white hair, and allows him to augment his familiars as well as summon Nightmare.


V enchanting his Cane with demonic power

As he is the human half of Vergil, V only has a comparatively minuscule demonic energy, making him mostly human with a crumbling body supported only by the demonic power he had left; though he seems to replenish his energy by defeating demons, it would eventually fail to sustain him unless V uses his cane to re-merge with Urizen.

Similar to Nero's moveset, which are named after gambling and casino terms, most of V's moves are named after chess terms.

After beating Bloody Palace, V learns taunt that allows him to cover his cane with demonic energy, which increases the power of his attacks and allows him to hurt and defeat demons on his own.



V's Familiars.

V has the ability to summon familiars with demonic powers, formed as physical manifestations of Vergil's trauma from his time as Nelo Angelo, taking the form of Mundus's demon minions which he had authority over. When not called upon, the demons appear as tattoos on V's body and as ink in his hair, turning it from white to black. When they are summoned, the corresponding tattoo to each demon disappears and in case of Nightmare, his hair turns back to its original color. Due to their nature, V described his demons' abilities to be "dream-like" since they are only able to inflict pain, yet unable to kill. Devil May Cry 5: Before the Nightmare Although he can direct them, V can also make them fight automatically. The demon familiars revert to their core state upon taking too much damage and require some time to regenerate before they can be resummoned. V can increase the speed of their return by standing close to them. Due to their contract, V is capable of telepathically communicating with his familiars. Devil May Cry 5: Visions of V

Griffon: This avian monstrosity can always be found somewhere around V, usually flapping its beak with some inappropriate jab. Griffon can summon pillars of thunder strikes and fire an electric blast as well as launch enemies into the air.[15] He is also able to lift V across the air when needed. Griffon is the only one that knows human language and acts as the interpreter for Shadow and Nightmare so others can understand them..

Shadow: This demon familiar usually takes the form of a quadruped beast, only to shapeshift into blades, needles, and all manner of nasty weapons to act as vanguard, but it can also use it's claws, fangs and tail to attack. Through Shadow, V can also move at faster speeds than normal.[15] V can also ride on Shadow as a form of transport.

Nightmare: V can unleash his full power to call upon this gargantuan demon. When summoned, Nightmare may crash onto the battlefield like a meteorite, or burst through parts of the environment to heed the call. Its sluggish movements belie unsurpassable strength and high-invulnerability. Wherever Nightmare appears, its massive fists or brutal laser beams are the last thing enemies ever see.[15] In his normal size, Nightmare is 3.5 meters tall, but is capable growing even larger. V is also capable of controlling Nightmare directly by climbing atop it and piercing it with his cane to kill off enemies.


Devil May Cry 5 promo site[16]
V, The Mysterious One
Book and cane in hand, this slender man appears covered in impressive tattoos. Before chaos fell upon Red Grave City, he sought out Dante through the information broker Morrison and tasked him to subdue a certain demon. V lacks the power to fight himself, instead relying on three demon familiars to take the offensive in battle.
Nico's Note - The Art of Devil May Cry 5
Now call me crazy here, but soooomething about that "V" guy weirds me out. Can't quite put my finger on it right about now. I mean, this cat signs up Dante on a road trip to the underworld and calls himself a Demon Hunter. Not sayin' I doubt him. Seems like his ink gives him some crazy powers, least of which is summoning a mouthy demon chicken that I WILL country fry if it back-talks me again.

Nico's reports — Character reports — V

English version

Lot of mystery about this one. Call me paranoid, but "V" just miiiight be a fake name.

Still, he calls himself a Devil Hunter, and he's got the power to prove it—or his demon animal friends do, at least. All V can do is deliver the final blow with that cane of his...which I'd like to take a better look at if I get the chance.

Seems the pattern in those tattoos of his is what binds his lil' helpers to him. They're the basis of his power.

Speaking of...that ain't the kind of power that a plain ol' human could wield...

Japanese version






A man of many mysteries.
The name V is also clearly a pseudonym.

He's a self-proclaimed devil hunter who fights with 3 demons.
However, it doesn't seem that those 3 demons can penetrate other demons.
I don't know the reason why.

The tattoo-like patterns that cover his body are composed of V's magical power.
I think he's using that magical power to control the 3 demons.

With that magical power, he's not just a normal human being...

English version

Dying V
Our pal V is not in peak physical condition. Seems what little demonic power he has is all that's keeping him together. If that power dries up, it'll be a little difficult for him to maintain his human form.

Of course, that ain't a problem for normal humans or demons. V's keeping secrets—and whatever they are, they gotta be connected to his current condition.

Japanese version



V's body seems to be quite weak, and he seems to be maintaining it with little magic.

If magic power is lost, it will naturally be difficult to maintain human form.

Of course, such a thing is impossible for an ordinary demon or a human being.

Perhaps this state of affairs is also related to the secret of V.

Documents - Old Man's Diary
I often think of that boy as of late. Wise beyond his scant years.
He would show up at my home with his nose crammed into some collection of poems. He seemed to favor William Blake most of all, so one day I gave him a Blake anthology as a present. With an expression of delight on his face, he asked to borrow a pen.
Strange though I found the request, I gave him the pen on my person. The boy opened the back cover, and proceeded to scribble his own name within.
I was puzzled to see him write on the book in such a way, and asked the lad what had possessed him to do such a thing. Clutching the anthology to his chest he answered thusly:
"I have a twin brother, sir. We fight over things often, so I have to write my name on things to make them truly mine."
I found myself charmed by his statement, and at once envious of such purity. I felt, a self-styled bibliophile, had devoted myself solely to preserving the beauty of books...
It was clear this child loved books far more than I ever did.
That child is no longer in this town. He disappeared amidst circumstances most unsavory. Perhaps he is no longer in this world. To think that a promising youth like that could lose his life, while a lout like me still drags on...The thought is almost unbearable.
I am already in my twilight years...Perhaps that is why I recall that youth's serene eyes at every opportunity...That pure, untainted youth.

DMC5SE Official website — Vergil

English version

World of V
In times of need, Vergil can thrust Yamato into his own body, shearing V from his very essence. From there, V can his command his faithful familiars to blanket the battlefield in a massive attack.
While V may represent the human side of Vergil's soul, the latter has no problem calling him forth at will. Master Yamato, and you too may find yourself capable of such feats.[17]

Japanese version


Nico's reports — Character reports — Vergil

English version

V (Divided)
I figure if Vergil's still got Yamato, then he and V are probably splitsville again.

I mean think about it! If he's really gotten it down, he might be able carve out a fresh serving of V whenever he wants.

Then again, there probably ain't nothing Vergil'd hate more than having to relying on his human side... Talk about issues!

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In combat, V uses his cane and a book with the letter "V" on its cover as weapons.[1] Most of the actual fighting is handled by three demons V can summon. Due to his unique gameplay style, V has been described as a "tricky" and strategic character to use in battle. V takes more damage than Dante and Nero, and also possesses less knockback resistance plus slower movement speed, so maintaining a distance is key while his familiars are fighting. So long as V doesn't take damage, the battle can continue. In order to quickly evade by attempting to ride on Shadow or fly with Griffon, V must have his familiars close to him or call them back to his position.


V's Familiar Gauges (to the left) in DMC5. Leftmost: Griffon's symbol & vitality bar. Center: Shadow's symbol & vitality bar. Rightmost: Nightmare's symbol.

V's familiars have their own health bars displayed under V's Familiar Gauges. They can be strengthened and learn new abilities over the course of the game. However, V's familiars cannot kill other demons and V himself must land the finishing blow. When enemies are close to death, they will start to stagger and turn white with a violet glow, signaling for V to finish them off with his cane. This move is called Checkmate and it requires V to be positioned close to the enemy to strike them down. Note that attempting to attack an enemy normally with V's cane will only deal a puny amount of damage, and it will leave him stunned and vulnerable to enemy attacks. In addition, V's cane can learn new abilities to increase its efficiency, such as Gambit and Touch and Move. The former allows V to teleport to a dying enemy and finish them off swiftly. The latter enables V to follow up a finishing blow (Checkmate) with a teleport to the next target enemy and strike it down as well. The most powerful ability available to the cane would be Royal Fork, which can kill off all dying enemies in close proximity.

The familiars are manually directed by V, but Griffon and Shadow can fight automatically at the cost of using up V's DT gauge. As for Nightmare, summoning him consumes a part of the DT gauge and the gauge will continue to drain while Nightmare attacks. Due to Nightmare's slow movement, Nightmare essentially cannot traverse the ground very well and isn't ideal to use when surrounded by enemies while the DT gauge is low. Nightmare also fights automatically, but can be directly controlled by V when he climbs on his shoulder and pierces him with his cane. As long as Nightmare is controlled by V, V can kill enemies off using Nightmare. In very narrow spaces, Nightmare cannot fully emerge and will only stick out his head to fire his beams. Due to the many different summoning entrances when summoning Nightmare, secret passageways can be found when Nightmare burst through the environment.

V's familiars use their own orientation relative to the camera rather than V's for command moves. For example, if the player wishes for Shadow to perform Arbiter and Shadow is facing towards the camera, the command will be Left Stick Up rather than Left Stick Down. As with all such inputs in DMC5, only the four cardinal directions (up, down, left, right) are used. The nearest one will trigger the desired move, with a significant overlap at 45-degree angles where both inputs will work.

If V takes too long to finish off enemies, they will regain partial health, forcing V to attack them again. The familiars can take damage and will revert to their core state after taking too much damage. In their core state, they cannot attack and cannot be summoned again for a certain amount of time. If Griffon and Shadow are in their core state, summoning Nightmare is a quick way to revive them. Another way to quickly revive the familiars from their core states is for V to stand close to them, the closer V is the faster the familiars can revive. However, it is vital to exercise caution when trying to close the distance as the remaining enemies will try to kill V, who cannot do anything against them without his familiars.

In order to fill the DT gauge, V has to read his book. The closer V is to his opponents while reading, the faster the gauge will fill. However, V's movement will be slower while reading, leaving him more vulnerable to enemies.

Besides being a playable character, V along with his familiars can be also summoned for an attack called World of V when playing as Vergil in the Special Edition. During World of V, V and his familiars are impervious to damage.


The letter "V" is the Roman numeral for the number "5", referencing V's appearance and importance in the fifth installment of the Devil May Cry series, Devil May Cry 5. Furthermore, the first words spoke by V in promotional material was "He who desires but acts not, breeds pestilence.", which is the fifth proverb from William Blake's "Proverbs of Hell." V is also the first letter of Vergil, the name of the man who he was once part of.

Appearances in Other Media[]

Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2[]

Megami Tensei Dx2 X DMC5 V Render

V in Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2.

V appears in Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2 as part of the Devil May Cry 5 collaboration. V could have been acquired by players during the collab period and added to their party, he also makes an appearance during the story chapters of the collab, even acting as an enemy at one point. Both Shadow and Griffon again act as his main way of dealing damage to enemies, but Nightmare is not present.


V makes an appearance in TEPPEN with its "The Devils Awaken" expansion. He's featured in three cards, all of the purple element. He has his own card which is called "V, The Mysterious One". This Legendary card is unique in the game as it was the first card added which cannot attack, however, whenever the player triggers Resonate, V will spawn either Griffon, Shadow or Nightmare into play.

More V cards were added to the game with its "Haunted by Memories" expansion, one of them is a secret card which has an animated illustration.


  • In Devil May Cry 5, V has the lowest number of playable missions in the series at 6 (Mission 4, 5, 7, 9, 13 & 14).
  • Despite the understood mechanic that V needs to deal the final blow to finish off enemies, his familiars are capable of destroying Qliphoth tentacles and Blood Clots on their own.
  • Due to his likeness, many fans made the comparison between V and actor Adam Driver, particularly Driver's role as Kylo Ren from the Star Wars franchise. However, the character of V was being developed before Star Wars: The Force Awakens had been released.[4]
    • When completing the Bloody Palace as V, the player earns the "Special Provocation" move. This is a special taunt that makes V's Cane glow and adds a special sound effect when he uses it, much like Lightsabers from the Star Wars franchise.
  • Some sentences said by V are quoted directly from William Blake poems, such as "He who desires but acts not, breeds pestilence." and "I curse my stars in bitter grief and woe, that made my love so high and me so low.".
    • Additionally, one of Nico's tattoos also quotes a William Blake poem titled "Eternity".[19]
  • At the New York Comic-Con 2018, Itsuno also stated that V was actually his favorite character.[20]
  • V's EX Costume may be a reference to Gilver, with it having a green color scheme and the patterns of Vergil's trench coat. Before some retcons made by Devil May Cry 5 and Devil May Cry 5: Before the Nightmare, Gilver was a disguise taken on by Vergil/Nelo Angelo in the Devil May Cry novel.
  • Hideaki Itsuno admitted in an interview that he is surprised by the warm reception V has received since his release, whom Itsuno thought would be "more divisive."[21]
  • The song V plays during his violin taunt is Paganini's Caprice no. 24. During his orchestra conductor taunt, Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries plays.
  • V's Familiars appear to be references to the servants of Koichi Yamano from the manga Babel II. These were Rodem (a panther), Ropross (a pterosaur), and Poseidon (an iron giant).
  • Much like with Urizen, there are multiple hints throughout the story of Devil May Cry 5 that foreshadow V's true identity:
    • Each of V's three familiars, Griffon, Shadow, and Nightmare are named and visually similar to demons Dante fought on Mallet Island, and as revealed by Griffon in Mission 18, represent the physical manifestations of Vergil's trauma during his time as Nelo Angelo.
    • While noted to be human, V's summoning of Nightmare causes all of the dark ink coating his body to vanish, revealing his hair is naturally white, a trait all from Sparda's bloodline carry.
    • V's own name is derived from Vergil's, and the book of William Blake poetry he carries, having previously belonged to Vergil as a child.
    • The way V swings his cane has an identical animation to the start of one of Vergil's combos with the Yamato.
    • V's Royal Fork finisher has him summon multiple energy formed copies of his cane, reminiscent of Vergil's usage of Summoned Swords to surround and impale his enemies.
    • V is visibly disturbed and angered at the sight of Proto Angelo and Scudo Angelo, which are replicas of Nelo Angelo, specifically stating "What evil lurks, I must destroy."
    • When V attempts to lift the Devil Sword Sparda, he comments that the sword is "still too much for [him]", subtly hinting at his previous attempt to wield the sword as the Force Edge in the final mission of Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening. Likewise, when V moves to seemingly impale Dante with the sword, he briefly rages at Dante for his existence hindering his own, hinting at a deeper connection between the two. Finally, like with Urizen in the Prologue, when V stabs at Dante with the Sparda, Dante's eyes snap open, and V's reflection is seen in his eye, once more recreating the opening scene Devil May Cry 3.
    • Several of V's battle quotes in DMC5 are used by Vergil in previous titles, from "Scum!" "Blast," "Die!", and "Begone!", similar to Nero as well, hinting at the two's connection to Vergil. Tellingly, both V and Urizen share the quote "What an eyesore" in battle.
  • V was specifically designed to have an easier time with getting high Stylish Ranks due to him being a new character, the same was done to Nero in Devil May Cry 4 according to Hideaki Itsuno.[22]

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